The 28th Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference - KIOGE-2022 was held in Almaty.

For three days from September 28 to 30, 196 oil and gas companies from all over the world shared their best practices, technologies and discoveries for the oil and gas industry.
The geography of KIOGE-2022 participants is represented by Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Malaysia, Russia, USA, Turkey, France, South Korea and Japan.
This year the exhibition was visited by 4,402 industry professionals.

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The KIOGE-2022 conference was held for two days from September 28 to 29, bringing together 63 speakers and 350 delegates from all over the world at one platform. Panel sessions, discussions, round tables and signing of memorandums and agreements were devoted to the development of the oil and gas industry in the context of geopolitical instability and new times. The event was opened by a panel session on the topic: “Development of the oil and gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan: new scenarios”.
During the discussion, the participants of the conference answered topical questions regarding the future of the hydrocarbon market, transportation and logistics of oil and gas. They worked out scenarios for cooperation between the world’s largest oil and gas companies in conditions of turbulence.
As Uzakbay Karabalin, the Deputy Chairman of the KAZENERGY Association noted: “In the context of the complex impact of oil and gas on the economies of countries and the possibility of diversifying the effects, it is necessary to maintain a high priority of these industries. Despite the predictions of individual futurists, oil and gas are still far from their “last” word, and new achievements in industrial geology are yet to come”.
The participants of the event agreed that geology has always been the basis for the development of national economies, and a significant part of the achievements of any country is the result of the integrated work of geologists.
Sanzhar Zharkeshov, the Chairman of the Management Board of QazaqGaz NC JSC, shared the news that the company is creating a new division – “Exploration and Production “QazaqGaz”.
The discussions were organized on the following topics: “Relaunching of the gas industry and transportation of energy resources”, “Ensuring environmental and industrial safety: latest approaches and new technologies”, “Oil refining and petrochemistry sector: current projects and development prospects”, “Oil service: oil production and waste disposal”, “Sector of oil refining and petrochemistry: current projects and development prospects”.
Botagoz Marabayeva, the representative of KazTransOil JSC emphasized the importance of the exhibition for oil and gas companies. “The KIOGE exhibition was held at a high level. As always, KIOGE provides an excellent platform for companies and potential suppliers to make direct contact”, said the speaker.

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KIOGE-2022 is organized with the support of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Akimat of Almaty city, KazMunayGas NC JSC, the Kazakhstan Association of Oil-Gas and Energy Sector Organizations KAZENERGY ALE, the Union of Service Companies of Kazakhstan KazService, the Council for the Development of Strategic Partnerships in oil and gas industry - PETROCOUNCIL and the Kazakhstan Association of Petroleum Geologists (KONG).
The General Partner of KIOGE-2022 is Tengizchevroil. Gold Partners are QazaqGaz, CNPC, Silver Partners are Novmet, HMS, Kazazot, Bronze Partners are Dassault, NIKKISO, Honeywell and Schneider Electric.
The Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference - KIOGE traditionally takes place once every 2 years, in even years, KIOGE 2024 will be held on October 2-4, 2024.
The organizer of the event is Iteca Kazakhstan Exhibition Company and its international partner - ICA Eurasia Group of Companies.
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