Marketing tools

Dear participants of the exhibition KIOGE 2024!

For more effective participation in the exhibition we offer You the following free marketing tools to attract potential visitors to Your stand:

  • E-invitation for clients and partners sent by e-mail
  • The banner “Visit our stand” to be placed on the website of the company
  • Printed invitations for clients and partners
  • An image for subscription and e-mail newsletters
  • Posting of news about the presented products on the website throughout a year. Annually about 30,000 specialists of the industry visit the website.
  • Segmented newsletters with information about the products presented by an exhibitor to be sent to specialists

For more information, please contact the Marketing Manager:
Anara Samenova: + 7 727 258 3434, ext. 206, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.