Kazakhstan International "Oil & Gas" Exhibition and Conference
28-30 September 2022
Almaty, Kazakhstan


The stagnation period of 2020 is over and the global economy is already on the path towards transformation. This year, 2021, is the time for innovation and change, and the new future for the oil and gas sector has already started - fundamental transformations must happen RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW.

The changes could not pass us by and KIOGE exposition will unfold in the vast expanse of the capital city for the first time in its history. Nur-Sultan is one of the country's two leading megalopolises, forming a world-class agglomeration and a center for the production of innovative and knowledge-intensive products. The location of head offices of relevant ministries, associations, unions, mining and quasi-state companies in Nur-Sultan is an additional advantage for holding the exhibition in the capital.expo

EXPO, the most modern and specialized exhibition venue in Kazakhstan, was not accidentally chosen as the location. Geographically the center is very favorably located, with well-developed infrastructure; in the close vicinity you can find the Hilton Hotel, the Congress Center, Mega Silk Way. Exhibition halls are equipped with modern communication facilities, utility systems and convenient access roads. Technical features of the pavilion allow developers to set up both standard and exclusive exhibition stands, because the height of the ceilings is 12 meters, which does not limit the imagination of stand designers.

In addition to changes in the location, we are pleased to note that the composition of participants, visitors, media support is renewed, and the project is in step with the times. Our team is tirelessly studying the market in the country and the world. While continuing to be an industry event, we are informing companies from seemingly completely different spheres about the exhibition. After all, the oil and gas industry is also evolving, now oil companies are ready to discuss the issues of big data exploration, cybersecurity, effective HR management, and even ensuring epidemiological safety at work during the pandemic. Therefore, one of the advantages of exhibition in Nur-Sultan is the availability of head offices of most of the companies in the capital.

Another important advantage of KIOGE 2021 is that the exhibition coincides with the KAZENERGY Forum, which also ensures maximum coverage of the core audience.

It is no secret that the decision to hold the exhibition in the capital was not an easy one. KIOGE in Almaty is a tradition, and many of our exhibitors have already formed the habit of attending the Atakent Exhibition Centre in early October. But new times require new solutions and changes, which are always the beginning of new successes, active development and growth. We are not afraid of change, and we are looking forward to facing it.

KIOGE 2021 in Nur-Sultan will gladly open its doors to its regular and new participants!

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