KAZENERGY focuses on CSR in the oil industry

Corporate social responsibility in Kazakhstan is entering a period of maturity.

Just ten years ago, nobody talked about the transparency of Kazakh companies, or their strategies for social participation. Today, the concept of corporate social responsibility has entered our lives and language, and even has its own acronym (CSR). In Kazakhstan’s energy sector, CSR has wide scope, and is in itself a unique phenomenon. In just a few years, CSR has reached levels of development for which companies in other countries would require 30-50 years. Corporations are creating their own funds and grants are being issued (the volume of domestic grants is quite impressive). However, the media covers far from all the CSR projects.

The issue of corporate social responsibility will be given special attention at the 6th Kazenergy Eurasian Forum, during which there will a competition entitled “Ar-Namys” for energy companies. The aim of the competition is to recognise the achievements of companies in the field of corporate social responsibility, and to demonstrate and spread positive experiences in this area on the road to the sustainable development of Kazakh society.

The organisers invite oil, gas and energy companies to participate in the competition. Applications will be accepted until 15 September. The competition has four categories: “Environmental Protection”, “Best Social Innovation Project”, “Sustainable Social Position”, and another category chosen by the jury. The qualifying round will run until the start of the KAZENERGY forum. The results will be announced on 4 October. The independent expert council includes representatives of civil society, international organisations, universities and businesses. And the best part: all the participants’ projects will be presented at the forum and on the website www.kazenergyforum.com.
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