Momentum Gathers for Western Kazakhstan Development

Western Kazakhstan is about to benefit from a series of development initiatives to be discussed at the forthcoming Western Kazakhstan Investment Forum: Expanding Production and Development. The event takes place from 24 to 26 September 2012 in the regional capital, Aktau.

The Forum has several far-reaching objectives which are focused on developing local content together with maximising employment opportunities and skills development for the local communities of this active oil and gas region.
The event will debate the implementation of concrete foreign investment projects in a range of industrial sectors. Whilst considerable emphasis will be on the oil and gas industry supply chain, many non-energy sectors will also be featured, including agriculture, tourism, renewable energy, water treatment and civil, industrial and mechanical construction.
The project is the initiative of the country’s national oil company, KazMunayGas. One of the Forum highlights will be the announcement of the best ten commercial opportunities for the supply of goods to the oil and gas industry that have been identified to develop in co-operation with foreign companies.
Speakers include government ministers; Sauat Mynbaev, Aset Isekeshev, Gulshara Abdykalikova and KazMunayGas Chairman, Lyazzat Kiinov. The rank of these and several other speakers illustrates the importance of the development programme. Furthermore, there is no charge for delegates who will be drawn from a range of senior-level business people wishing to take advantage of forthcoming investment opportunities and commercial partnerships in the region.
The Western Kazakhstan Investment Forum will be a platform for forging links across a spectrum of industries at Government level and with large and medium-sized business in the private sector. The event will also include excursions to production facilities in the country’s Mangystau Region.
Speaking about the event, Chairman of the Britain-Kazakhstan Parliamentary Group and as advisor to the Chairman of KazMunaiGas in Local Content Development, Lord Waverley, said. “This is a new and vibrant market with immense economic potential. It is imperative that the development of the region benefits the local community in the immediate and long term. There will be a series of announcements and presentations at the Forum that will highlight the serious intentions of the Kazakhstan Government to stimulate economic growth in the west of the country, as well as the significant opportunities for companies who are seeking to become partners in that growth.
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