Fiber Optic Technology: Oil, gas and mining industries

Fiber optic sensors have many advantages in comparison with traditional electrical analogs. Among them there are low price, small size, high equipment speed, high response rate, immunity to adverse climatic conditions and electromagnetic intrusion. That lets apply them in general industrial objects monitoring. Especially in oil, gas and mining industries.

Fiber optic sensors in oil, gas and mining industries can be applied in the following systems: leakage detection and activity control; oil well monitoring; pipeline stressed-deformed state monitoring;
engineering structures monitoring system; power cable and ground wire monitoring; fire detection system.

The main task of fiber optic monitoring systems is real-time physical parameters control of monitoring object that provides system users with operational integrity, efficacy and safety. This way fiber optic systems let avoid monitoring objects accident situation.

The seminar will be held October 5, 2017 from 15:30 to 16:30, seminar room No. 2, pavilion 9C, stand C12.

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