Seminar by KIMEP University: Competency-based approach for the successful management

Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research invites to attend the seminar: "Competency-based approach for the successful management"

Establishment and development of the personal skills required for the efficient management communications is an art based on the understanding of generally accepted rules and provisions of a company (entity), its relationships, mutual evaluations, recognition of personal abilities and achievements. Speaking about the third modernization of Kazakhstan, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. N.A. Nazarbayev points out the necessity to combine traditions and cultural values with the market fundamentals and advanced technologies of the global economy since it is the key challenge and main goal for our Nation in XXI Century which can be achieved by courage, drive and will of the people.

In the era of global testing time, the openness factor and ability of the public conscience to adopt new values becomes more a necessity and not a choice. In this regard, personal efficiency of every manager should be built upon his or her capability to achieve maximum number of designated targets in all spheres without sacrificing human resources, but providing for the sustainable growth and development for both the company and oneself. Competencies of a successful manager bring together professional and psychological activities of a person. With the continuous increase of the complexity of tasks and requirements, a manager should be able to handle any situation on the strategic level and direct it to the effective solution.

Managers should learn how to choose the right communications strategy, work out tactics and find one's own worthy style and pattern of conduct for both professional and personal life. The seminar will present a special behavioral model which will stimulate to take fresh managerial solutions in the modern realities of the global challenging environment.

The seminar will take place on October 4th, 2017, from 15.00 to 15.00.
Entrance is free for all registered visitors of the exhibition.

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