Seminar hosted by «The quality management center"

In October 2016, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) released a new International Standard ISO 37001:2016 "Anti-bribery management systems " (ABMS).

This international standard is aimed to help in defining bribery-related risks which may be faced by a company and implement all required steps to fight bribery.

Within the course of KIOGE 2017, Quality Management Center will hold a thematic seminar under the heading of "Corporate Anti-Bribery Management Systems on the basis of ISO 37001".

The seminar will cover such questions as:
1. International and Kazakhstani anti-bribery legislation;
2. Standard ISO 37001 – Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS);
3. Bribery-related risk assessment;
4. Anti-bribery organizational fundamentals;
5. Anti-bribery policy and corporate goals of a company;
6. Corporate activities to prevent bribery;
7. Internal audit QMS, analysis and improvement.
The Seminar will take place on October, 5th, 2017, from 14.15 to 15.15.

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