INTEGRAFLEX – Composite hose For transportation and transfer of petrochemical liquids

Shaoxing Shangyu Lianguang Rubber Plastic and Metal Engineering Co., Ltd., is the only authorized manufacturer of the British Integraflex Composite Hose in China, and we had obtained 100% its high quality production technology.

We are a professional manufacturer of various industrial composite hoses, which is dedicated to petroleum, petrochemical, and related industries for the transportation of various petroleum and chemical liquids. We have been cooperating with other well-known foreign composite hose manufacturers in the industrial composite hose design, R&D development, and manufacturing process in order to introduce foreign high-production technology applications in our products.

We provide a complete solution for oil and chemical liquid transportation. We have all the corresponding solutions for your requirements related to oil and chemical liquid transportation.


TYPE B 389x386 TYPE C 389x383 TYPE D 389x386

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