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RoboAvia company is being founded in 2014. In these three years we have developed from scratch and managed to launch production of three different UAV models; developed or modified a number of high-tech equipment, fully prepared UAV system “Sapsan-3000” to perform a wide range of services including surveillance, agriculture and geo-surveying.

Our plant in is fully staffed with high skilled workers and specialists to produce an innovative product of the maximum quality for our clients.

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UAV system “Sapsan-3000” technical specifications
• Flight time: 4 - 5 hours
• Air speed: 50 - 110 km/h
• Operating range: 25 - 40 km (70 km optional)
• Maximum takeoff weight – 9-11 kg
• Payload – up to 2 kg
• Wingspan: 3139 mm
• Operating altitude: 50 - 2000 m
• Flight ceiling: 3000 m
• Critical wind speed: 14 m/s
• Operating air temperature range: -40–+45 С
• High-precision GNSS receiver
• Jump start takeoff from elastic catapult
• Automated parachute landing system

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Photo and video equipment payload
• Sony Alpha 6000 24 MP
• Sony CyberShot DSC-RX1 FullFrame 24 MP
• Sony CyberShot DSC-RX1RM2 FullFrame 43MP
• Infrared camera MAPIR Survey2
• FPV camera Sony
• HD block camera Sony
• Thermal imaging camera SuncTi M700

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Our UAVs are perfect for performing an aerial surveillance and monitoring of linear and wide area objects of any length and acreage. Furthermore, thanks to built-in high-precision GPS and photo equipment it is possible to build an orthomosaic map from produced aerial imagery. This map can be used for survey, geodetic and agricultural needs in a variety of ways.

RoboAvia LLC offers its clients not only a wide range of services based on aerial imagery but also “Sapsan-3000” UAV system itself. For our customers we provide UAV-operators learning courses and after sales maintenance of bought tech.

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