The largest international oil transportation project - Caspian Pipeline Consortium

Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) - the largest international oil transportation project involving Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as the world's leading producing companies (Российская Федерация, Республика Казахстан; Chevron Caspian Pipeline Consortium Company LUKARCO B.V, Mobil Caspian Pipeline Company, Rosneft-Shell Caspian Ventures Limited, BG Overseas Holding Limited, Eni International N.A. N.V. и Oryx Caspian Pipeline LLC.), created for the construction and operation of the main pipeline with more than 1500 km length.

CPC receives oil mainly from vast deposits of Western Kazakhstan and raw materials of Russian producers. Oil is transported to company Marine Terminal in Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka village (Novorossiysk city), where its uploaded on the tankers for shipment to the world markets.

Nowadays, Caspian Pipeline Consortium began to expand its pipeline system capacity up to 67 million tons of oil per year.

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