Expert Service, LLP - industrial safety expert review of the industrial facilities

Expert Service, LLP was established in December 2011 as a specialist-service expert organization (Industrial Safety Certificate № KZ68VEK0006783; Accreditation Certificate № KZ.И.09.1752) which has highly qualified specialists, modern imported and domestic equipment.

Industrial safety expert review of the industrial facilities carried out by Expert Service, LLP is based on a complex technical diagnosis which includes:
- analysis of individual peculiarities of the facility operation;
- consideration of factors affecting the damageability of the facility;
- carrying out of control by various nondestructive testing methods;
- facility health assessment;

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According to results of technical diagnosis the detailed facility health assessment is carried with the issuance of the industrial safety expert review report on compliance (or non-compliance) of the subject of review with industrial safety requirements.

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The company offers the following services:

• Industrial safety expert review.
• Integrated survey, diagnosis, inspection.
• Technical diagnosis of:
• Formulation of operating procedures and exploitative documents.
• Other services.

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