High-tech Industrial Equipment for Pipeline Construction and Repair

TEMP Plant PJSC is a market leader for 40 years offers the large range of premium quality high-tech industrial equipment for construction and repair of pipelines with different diameters. Extensive experience of the company combined with the advanced technology allows to produce truly unique equipment with excellent technical characteristics. Innovative approaches and up-to-dateness make TEMP equipment attractive far beyond Ukraine.

Our equipment:

• Pipe Line-Up Clamps (hydraulic drive, internal or external, self-propelled)
• Pipe Facing Machines (electric or hydraulic)
• Automatic Welding Systems
• Double And Triple Joint Welding Yards
• Mobile Welding Units (tractor based)

Hydraulic line-up and motion systems are a key feature of our products, which is particularly important when the pipe wall thickness constantly increases.
Other products & services: Electroplating Equipment & Supplies, Electroplating wastewater treatment, Equipment for PCB production, Welding Tables, Metalworks.

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New Development of TEMP Plant - Hydraulic Self-propelled Internal Line up Clamp

The pipe line up clamp with two rows of clamping shoes centers and aligns pipe edges with the diameters from 1020 mm up to 1420 mm while automated or manual orbital welding of pipelines.

The line up clamp is a hydraulic self-propelled machine. The hydraulic pump motor running on an external power supply, and is of continuous duty. Self-propelled travel of the clamp from joint to joint is performed under the power stored while welding. The distance covered on a single charge is up to 36 m at an average speed of 0,8 m/s. Full charge time is no longer 3,5 min.

The line up clamp stops automatically when reaches the pipe end. Furthermore, it is equipped with a positioning mechanism that helps to place the clamp precisely on the joint. By means of a control rod clamp can be controlled remotely, it allows to operate pipes up to 24 m in length. Anti-spin system prevents the rotation of the clamp in the pipe.

Clamping units exert force that corrects out-of-roundness and ensures the alignment of pipe ends. Thermal-expansion compensation system maintains the shoe nominal force when the length of the joint circumference increases as a result of metal expansion at the heat affected zone while root-pass welding. Copper backing ring consisting of a set of replacement segments supports and cools the weld pool on the root pass.

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Main Advantages:

• expansion force up to 300 tnf
• power storage while welding
• full charge time ˂ 3,5 min
• self-propelled travel in the pipe - no cables
• up to 36 m distance is covered on a single charge at an average speed of 0,8 m/s
• up to 20° grade capability
• precise joint fitting
• thermal-expansion compensation system
• out-of-roundness correction of pipe ends
• forced release of clamping units when sticking while welding
• comes with the clamp
• two rows with 14-22 clamping units each
• automatic stop at the pipe end
• remote control
• radio control is optional
• convenient charging connection
• anti-spin system prevents rotation in pipe
• rubber wheels protect pipe internal coating

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