ALASH Unified Database

Based in Atyrau, Algoritmi KZ is the local company of Algoritmi Srl, a leader in the ICT Industry, specialised in the provision of consulting services, technical and managerial training.

Algoritmi has been operative in Kazakhstan since 2003 when Agip KCO adopted the DocAP system to qualify suppliers and monitor their performance and adherence to international standards.

Algoritmi KZ is the developer and owner of the ALASH Unified Database. A business-to-business portal that automatically manages the interaction between Supplier and Operator and allows all types of organisations to become potential suppliers to the three major Operators in the Oil & Gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan KPO, NCOC, and TCO.

By registering with ALASH, suppliers can demonstrate that they meet the minimum pre-qualification criteria required by Operators in the sector. Once registered, the system allows Suppliers to constantly maintain their company profile updated.

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