Opinions of the visitors of the Oil and Gas Exhibition – KIOGE 2016

Abkhan Sagindykov, “”Institute of Oilfield Chemistry” LLP

I am happy that such exhibitions are held in Kazakhstan. I am for the first time at exhibition. The theme is very relevant, I think. I got to meet competent specialists who are aware of the rights of subsoil use. I should also note that many of the contracts can be concluded only if the pre-conditions are discussed. I think this is a very effective exhibition.

Dauren Makazhanov, Sales Manager of “Ezau V.V.” IE

I really liked the round table, which was held in the framework of the exhibition. At the round table the oil and gas issues were raised. The important point was that the companies, which gave speeches, were aware of the importance of compliance with the requirements of environmental protection. It got me interested, since my job is closely connected with this.

Vladimir Bekinayev, Director of “Business Park in Raiymbek Street”

I visit KIOGE every year, and try to attend both the sessions and the press conference. This year, I can say that they were successful and that is all due to the efforts of the respected organisers. Given that I was convinced of the professionalism of the speakers, this inspired me to consider signing of contracts with many companies.

Marat Abilkassimov, Director of Dubai Travel Group

I liked the exhibition. I always attend tourism exhibitions, this is the first time I am visiting the oil and gas exhibition. All participating companies did their best to arrange the stands, told us about their equipment, were most intelligible during their presentations. Certainly, I highly evaluate the exhibition, as all companies are well-known and represent the international oil and gas community.

Zhazira Kulbuldinova, Sales Director of Tien Shan Hotels

In the conferences and seminars held I highlighted a lot of advantages. Firstly, the themes discussed at “Oil and Gas” Conference are relevant. In my opinion, the oil and gas industry plays an important role in the customs system. In this case, I have noticed that transaction costs for carrying out foreign trade activities in the single territory of the Customs Union have reduced. The exhibition and visitors are competent enough.

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