BPC Engineering to Implement a Project under Global Initiative for Flaring Reduction

BPC Engineering signed a contract for the manufacture and supply of ENEX power plants with the national holding company Uzbekneftegaz, Uzbekistan. The project is carried out under the World Bank-led Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR). The national holding company Uzbekneftegaz has been a member of GGFR since 2008 and is actively implementing measures and solutions for flaring reduction. In this regard, two Russian ENEX 1000 power plants with a COMPEX gas treatment and pressure reduction module and transformer substation will be installed at Shurtan booster compressor station in Uzbekistan. At three more oilfields of Shurtanneftegaz (a subsidiary of Uzbekneftegaz) associated gas will be utilized by one ENEX 65 and thre ENEX 130 power plants. The generated electricity will be used for the fields' local loads. Power plants total power output will be 2455 kW.

The ENEX power plants will be manufactured by at BPC Engineering plant located in Tutaev City, Yaroslavl Region (Russia). The Russian company will also perform installation supervision and commissioning. ENEX power plants are based on reliable and environmentally-friendly microturbines capable of running on untreated associated gas with variable composition and high hydrogen sulfide contents (4-7%). ENEX 1000 packaged power plants are completed with service and power management modules and will include five 200-kW microturbine engines each. This solution provides high degree of internal redundancy and allows servicing separate turbine engines without stopping the whole plant. ENEX 65 and ENEX 130 power plants will be based on 65-kW microturbines and completed with COMPEX 4 rotary screw compressors designed for handling associated gas. All equipment including auxiliary systems will be arranged in a single container.

ENEX power plants of Uzbekneftegaz will utilize more than 7 million cubic meters of associated gas annually. Besides that, power generated from associated gas, that previously has been flared, will allow the company to cut electricity costs and reduce harmful emissions.

– This is the first BPC Engineering project financed by the World Bank, – stated Alexander Skorokhodov, BPC Engineering's CEO, – from the very beginning a part of our efforts was aimed at associated gas flaring reduction through cooperation with oil and gas companies and implementation of advanced eco-friendly solutions. 15-year experience in this field motivated us to launch own production of associated gas and other complex gases handling equipment – ENEX power plants, COMPEX gas compressors, integrated gas treatment systems and high-temperature pyrolysis units. Our associated gas handling solutions meet key principles of the Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR) and operate at hundreds of sites across Russia and the CIS.

The GGFR and the World Bank render all-round assistance to governments and companies from many countries in their efforts to reduce associated gas flaring.

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