Samik company

Along with the advancement of petrochemisty industry come concern and interests in prevention of industrial disaster as well as heightened alertness on dangerous areas.

With risk of fire and explosions by gas, dust and stream. The electric energy used today can be a source of ignition, leading to fire and explosion, all electric machineries used in these unsafe facilities must be explosion protected.

Our company is an expert manufacturer of explosion-protected installations for industrial use.

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We are sparing no efforts in quality enhancement and product development through technology developments in explosion protected installations for the 21st century.

We also endeavor to create a world of new light by supplying LED lighting to facilitate environmental-friendly green growth.

Through persistent products development and quality inspections,we have attained safety certifications from the authorizing institutions and partook in the localization of explosion protected installations with unwavering investments.

We promise not to be contended only by these external developments,and always keep in mind our ideology to push on forward. We only ask for your continued encouragement.
Samik will strive to be the leader in the field with the best product,services and customer satisfaction. Also, we anticipate that our explosion protected installations on your facilities will help in safety and production.

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