KJF CO., LTD has decided to participate for KIOGE 2016 in Kazakhstan. KJF CO., LTD, founded in 1993 is Korean company manufactures the flanges for industries of Petroleum, Chemical, Oil&Gas, Electric, Nuclear power plant, On-off shore plant, Ship building and heavy Industry&Construction.

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They have two offices in Korea as headquarter is located in Busan and branch is located in Ansan. KJF CO., LTD has been enjoying reputations through all over the world for more than 23 years include Europe, Asia, Middle East and America.

Main products are flanges especially for Tubesheets, Baffles, Special type nozzle, flowmeters, Cladded products etc. They can produce for forged ring upto OD 5meter, Max 20ton, for forged Disc, OD 5meter, Max 30ton. They have various machines such as CNC, Turning/Drilling/Lathe Machine and BTA machines and these allow them to perform great productivity.

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For Flowmeters, KJF CO., LTD can provide the design as well upon request from customers, providing high quality services and products. Also they have partnership with K-TEK International Inc. in North America.

They are in very good care with quality as having own laboratory for inspection. They are certified by ISO 14000, 9001, PED, API 6A, ASME “S”,”U” stamp so follow standard rules strictly. Therefore KJF CO., LTD is trying their best to secure the highest quality from raw material inspection to delivery to customers.

KJF CO., LTD is approved by Takreer, KOC, Petrobras as quality and services are already confirmed and also supplied to big projects for such as ARAMCO, EXXON MOBIL, SABIC etc.

Especially for KIOGE 2016, KJF CO., LTD shows a lot of interest through the process. Kazakhstan has oils rank 11th in the world, It has unlimited potential on these business field. According to CEO Tae Sik, Back, “We are going through very hard time after global economy crisis. In the meantime, market in Kazakhstan is very important. They have projects to be done now and then and we have good products can help out. So it’s such an honor to participate to KIOGE 2016 and excited to introduce ourselves to potential customers in Kazakhstan. Until now, we didn’t have business together however I hope this can be the turning point to our business as well as to companies in Kazakhstan to grow together.

The motto for KJF CO., LTD is “For better quality, for better service”. KJF CO., LTD is the company focusing on each moment to provide good products and services to customers and always try hard to become better.

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