GLOBAL GAZSTROY LLP - Engineering company in the sphere of a construction of autogas-filling stations (CNG-stations, LPG-stations) and "turnkey" autonomous gas supply.

The GLOBAL GAZSTROY limited liability partnership was opened in 2013 by founders of the Uzbekistan Engineering Company "GLOBAL GAZMONTAJ", which serves as a rightful leader in projecting, building and assembling works, as well as providing a full scale of equipment for automobile gas-filling compressor stations CNG, the automobile gas-refueling stations LPG stations and independent gas supply in Uzbekistan.

Eight years in regional gas market helped us to enlarge the company with hundreds of big and medium projects in different business spheres. The Company is the official representative and the partner of big globally known companies, such as: «Delta Compression» (Argentina), «FAS Flussiggas-Anlagen GmbH» (Germany), «Corken» (USA), «Techno Project» (Russia), «Liqua-Tech» (USA), «Valftek» (Turkey), «Albatross» (Russia), «Jinu Dev» (Korea), «The Kokand Mechanical Plant» (Uzbekistan), PA «Engelsk Plant of gas equipment» (Russia), «Fornovogas» (Italy), «Graf» (Italy), SKTB «Katalizator» (Russia), «ABO valve» (Czech Republic), «Zavoli» (Italy).

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Based on the GLOBAL GAZSTROY company own project department which is carrying out designing in construction of facilities of the increased risk and potentially dangerous productions, and also trunk gas pipelines, oil pipelines and oil products functions. Proceeding from specifics of activities, tasks of project department GLOBAL GAZSTROY LLP are:

- Development of technical solutions according to objectives, accomplishment of technical tasks, testing of decisions.
- Development of projects both again under construction, and reconstructed and modernized LPG stations, CNG stations, gas-filling stations of various power, autonomous gas supply working at the domestic and import equipment.

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Projects are carried out taking into account all ecological and fire-prevention requirements.

In case of the GLOBAL GAZSTROY company own laboratory of nondestructive control which is carrying out works on carrying out engineering certification of reservoirs of high pressure, calibrating of valves, pressure testing of hoses of high pressure, defectoscopy of welded seams and the main metal as nondestructive control methods of the vessels working under pressure and also on production and recovery of duplicates of passports functions for vessels.

The laboratory has the modern ultrasonic defectoscopes and feeler gages of both the second and third generation in the order (the x-ray device "Shmel -250", system for control of the bottoms and walls of the reservoirs "Falcon") allowing to carry out ultrasonic control of the most various materials and have a high noise stability.

Having considerable experience in the sphere of carrying out installation works of processing equipment on construction objects of CNG stations, LPG stations, autonomous gas supply, GLOBAL GAZSTROY LLP is ready to provide for you the complex Turnkey service at the professional level. Progress of the company gives a reason to tell about key differences of GLOBAL GAZSTROY LLP:

- Development and "Turnkey" projects implementation;
- Creation of the step-by-step plan;
- Project works on the platform;
- Preparation of the bases;
- Construction of service premises;
- Supply of communications;
- Support services;
- Commissioning;
- Stuff training;
- Accurate observance of contractual commitments;
- A direct delivery of the high-quality equipment from the leading world leaders of the gas industry;
- Provision of modern technology solutions taking into account the growing economic and ecological requirements, and also requirements of safe engineering;
- Implementation of flexible price policy.

The team of experienced professionals is always sure of the opportunities and is able to provide holding assembly actions at the highest level. Besides, GLOBAL GAZSTROY LLP is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation on a fixed basis.

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