NIPIneftegas JSC

JSC NIPIneftegas is scientific researches in the field of geology and oil-gas fields’ development, drilling and design of wells construction, preparation, gathering and transportation of oil, subsoil and environment protection, RLC - (Research Laboratory Center).

Scientific and technical support on oil, gas and gas-condensate fields is provided by Institute and carried out development project and various scientific researches.

Company is engaged in design of main oil and gas pipelines, railway drain and bulk oil terminals; carrying out of core, oil, gas, and water tests; participates in design of islands construction, coastal objects of support on development of hydrocarbons on the Caspian Sea.

Essential feature of NIPIneftegas is realization of integrated design assignment of hydrocarbons production on land and sea with taking into account value and prospects of their scientific support.

Institute has all necessary licenses for performance of scientific and design research works.

Since 2000 in NIPIneftegas the quality management system which certified by Association on certification “Russian Register” on compliance to ISO 9001-2015 requirements is active. Research Laboratory Center has been accredited by National Center of Accreditation of RoK in accordance with ST RoK ISO/MEK 17025 requirements.

Scientific and technical support on gas-condensate and about 300 oil and gas fields has been carried out by Institute specialists. More than 316 development projects and about 6191 various scientific-research works from which the most important and significant are projects of fields development and construction have been performed: Alibekmola, Amangeldy, Kashagan, Karachaganak, Uzen, Karazhanbas, Akshabulak, North Buzachi, Kumkol, Dunga, Chinaryovskoye, Shagyrly-Shomyshty, Tengiz, Korolevskoye, etc.

In recent years the list of scientific and technical services of the Institute has been increased due to design of main oil and gas pipelines, oil-gas treatment and refining installations, systems of reservoir pressure maintenance, construction facilities for oil and gas production in coastal and sea area, drain-loading racks, oil and gas warehouse storages, performance of soil, crude oil tests, development of regulatory and technical documents.

Institute review the followings among new developmental aspects:

• Petro and gas chemistry;
• Nuclear power (designing of gathering, refinery, conditioning and liquid and firm of low - and medium radioactive wastes of nuclear power use objects storage systems);
• Complex refinery of local mineral raw materials.

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