Unique Service Center of “Edil-Oral.kz” LLP for equipment repair, overhaul and reclamation as per IEC60079-19 international standard in Atyrau city.

Edil-Oral.kz, 100% Kazakhstan owned company, with offices in Atyrau and Uralsk, Kazakhstan, was founded in 2009. The company delivers unique solutions and excellent Ex-related services such as training, inspection and consulting to the largest oil and gas operators both in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.

Edil-Oral.kz operates one of the first certified competency validation center in Kazakhstan with all the equipment required for training and assessment for CompEx units EX F, EX01, EX02, EX03, EX04 providing CompEx based training and certification of electrical and instrumentation personnel. The company also provides explosion safety and electrical courses including EX Awareness, EX Knowledge, heat tracing, glanding, lock-out and tag-out.

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In Autumn, 2016, Edil-Oral.kz sets up an internationally certified workshop for repair, overhaul and reclamation of Ex d, Ex e, Ex p, Ex n and Ex tD motors, transformers, generators and ventilators.

Ex equipment is subject to the environmental and operating conditions of hazardous area installations, these can be very arduous resulting in corrosion and equipment failure. When Ex equipment is overhauled and/or repaired in order to return defective equipment into a safe operational condition this also must be done to an international Standard: IEC 60079-19.

Usually only equipment with high cost or long lead time is repaired, typically electric motors, transformers, pumps, fans, gearboxes etc.

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The service center will be in compliance with the most strict IECEx requirements including:

• Operational procedures and repair, overhaul and reclamation techniques meet IECEx technical/management requirements encompassing IEC 60079-19.
• Possess and maintain in operating condition necessary facilities and equipment including test equipment and traceability of measurements.
• IECEx Quality Management System (QMS) requirements, based on ISO 9001
• Competent responsible person and operatives with current competencies related to repair, overhaul and reclamation of Ex equipment standards or certification requirements, encompassing IEC 60079-19 and Unit of Competency Ex 005 (Overhaul and repair of explosion-protected equipment) set forth in IECEx OD 504.

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