«KAZPROMAVTOMATIKA» is the leading company on the integrated automation market

«KAZPROMAVTOMATIKA» is the leading company on the integrated automation market. More than 10 years it deals with technological-process automation, factory automation, with equipment and with engineering. We have realized more than 2000 projects in these fields.

Long experience in the field of automatization allowed the company to reach high level of competence and to develop own method of automated control system creation. Engineers of the company know all the requirements for controlling systems; understand what tasks they should solve and how they could reach maximum effect. The highest competence our company has in technology engineering and realization in the fields of:

- Process control systems (MES)
- Automatic process control systems and dispatch systems
- Automated verification energy supply systems and automated directory and documentation systems of energy supply
- Industrial power supply support systems
- Generating factory capacity systems
- Complete electric power distributors of 0,4 kv
- Automatic low – voltage electric drive systems я
- Automatic high – voltage (6 – 10 kv) electric drive systems
- Synchronous motors and synchronous generators excitation systems в
- EAM system integration (systems, oriented on charges reduction, connected with equipment maintenance, on productivity improvement)

Company KAZPROMAVTOMATIKA has a lot of projects in automation of mining-and-processing integrated works and mining plants, constructional materials factories, production units of steel-works, mill complexes, precision machinery industry, municipal housing economy, poultry factories. Also we carry out works within the framework of Kazakhstan knowledge-intensive solutions.

Since 2008 KAZPROMAVTOMATIKA began to develop a new direction of activity for our industry - outsourcing services of automation and electric systems for operation lines and production of any complexity. Up to date service department of the company only within the framework of the outsourcing treaty services processing lines of 8 processing plants, 3 mining-and-processing integrated works, 2 mining plants, 1 metallurgical plant. Provided technical outsourcing is the only one rational solution for reaching of effective and trouble-free operation of the plant.

The equipment offered by us allow to insure introduction of energy-saving technology, modernization of obsolescent operation lines via frequency inverters’, PLCs’, operator panels’, servo drivers, soft starters, low-voltage switching equipment, pneumatic automation, smart sensors, robots etc. usage.

Our company is the Kazakhstan exclusive distributor, partner and integrator of the company Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation which is worldwide giant in the field of electrical engineering and electrical equipment manufacturing.

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