The G1 Integrated SCBA System

For 21st Century Emergency Response

The Way You Work

A first response team is like a finely tuned orchestra. All members play their part to optimize efficiency and performance. That’s the inspiration behind the new G1 SCBA. All components are tightlyintegrated into one streamlined holistic system that maximizes reliability and increases capability.
The G1 is especially designed for the challenges faced by 1st responders.

The Best of the Best

Even by exacting MSA standards, the G1 SCBA is something special. It represents the first time we’vedeveloped one top-of-the-line SCBA to meet and exceed all high-level international quality and safetystandards such as NFPA (North America) and EN (Europe). The MSA G1 is the system of choicewhenever and wherever firefighting demands the very best in respiratory protection equipment.


The G1 Integrated System

Optional Head-Up-Display
• LEDs, located in demand valve, display pressure, system and alarm status unobtrusively and withoutwork interruption
• Signals delivered through the line to the demand valve and continue to the inside of the mask throughlight pipes
• Cost intensive electronics are kept out of the mask, which reduces its price and makes cleaning easier
• The entire team has access to top-grade technology, while each firefighter can still maintain his or her ownpersonal mask for added hygiene.

State of the Art Harness
• Comfortable padding
• Extremely robust cover fabric to withstand repeated exposure to flame and heat (NFPA approved)
• Robust adjustment buckles made from cast steel
• Protection tunnels for lines with reflective features
• Integrated stand-by support for demand valve

Control Module
• Combined digital and analog pressure reading
• Intuitive interface displays essential information by default allowing the user to concentrate on his job
• Other data is available with a touch of a button

Low Profile Face Mask
• Open port technology for free breathing when in stand-by (demand valve not attached)
• Huge field of vision for unobstructed view
• Low profile for less snagging and improved weight distribution
• Independent of electronic options to minimize costsfor individual mask ownership and upkeep
• All components easily accessible and interchangeable for easy maintenance and cleaning
• Available in 3 sizes
• Choice of classic rubber or modern fabric harness

Optional Voice Projection Speaker
•Integrated microphone picks up voice inside the maskindependent of environmental conditions
• High volume and speech intelligibility
• Improves team and training communication

Central Processing Module
• Centrally processes all data on the SCBA: motion detection, data distribution to HUD,control module, voice speaker
• Piezo alarm sounders project in all directions
• Built-in RFID reader to log on with personal tag,team assignment or pairing information

Single Power Supply
• All components powered with a single power supply
• Simplified battery monitoring and exchanging
• Greater system reliability

Long-Range Radio
• Industry-leading telemetry with proven track record
• Low impact monitoring with high accountability
• Operates with alphaBASE and alphaCONTROL 2

Advanced Hip Belt Features
• Swiveling to followbody movement
• Easy to use and robust height adjustment toaccomodate different torso lengths

Buddy Breather 2nd Connection
• Allows connection to fellow firefighter in case of emergency
• Y-piece connector enables donation of air withoutbreaking recipient's air supply
• Allows for easy connection to airline system
• 1.2 m medium pressure line in pouch on hip

Optional alphaCLICK High Pressure Quick Connect
• Saves 90% of time needed for cylinder exchange
• Built-in flow restrictor prevents uncontrolled flow incase of inadvertent valve opening

Optional QuickFill Connection
• Direct high pressure connection for fastcylinder refill while donned

Centralized power supply minimizes power management effort and maximizes • system reliability
• Focus on useability under stress and economic efficiency
• Lower cost of system ownership
• Tested against harshest North American and European standards
• Coordinated components with limited interfaces for superior system performance
• Advanced material science
• Next-generation communication
• Ergonomic balance and fit
• Further best in class “safety on demand” options

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