Advances in land seismic data acquisition technology

FairfieldNodal recently introduced revolutionary equipment to improve productivity and to reduce Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) exposure for seismic data acquisition in land and in marine environments.

The equipment utilizes Autonomous Nodes, whereby seismic data is stored internally in each node and there are no physical connections or communications between nodes or with any other equipment. This significantly improves operational reliability, field operations are greatly simplified and seismic data quality is very consistent.

Each Node records data continuously from the time they are deployed until the time they are recovered, which typically can be many days to several weeks. The Node systems used on land are also ideal for use with the latest advanced multi-source vibroseis techniques. These Node systems have also been used to record earthquakes, to monitor well fracturing and for passive seismic because of their continuous recording capability. These nodal systems are quite a departure from traditional seismic data acquisition systems, which uses cables to telemeter data from every ground station to a central recorder.

The FairfieldNodal Seminar will take place at 11:45am on 1 October 2014 in the Seminar Zone (Pavilion 11) of the Atakent Exhibition Centre. Attendance to the seminar is free of charge.

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