Peloton's new release of WellView

Peloton is 'well focused' on developing and providing the world's best drilling and well data software solutions. We have a strong understanding of not just software development, but of how E&P companies operate.
Peloton's history dates back to 1991, when we began our development of WellView®, a comprehensive tool which allows oil and gas companies to manage their data from request to drill, and through to abandonment. Today, Peloton offers MasterView®, WellView®, SiteView®, RigView®, ProdView® and the Schematic Component. More than 300 oil and gas companies throughout the world rely on our technology to make better-informed decisions and to be better-focused oil and gas companies. Peloton software is already running in major oil and service companies in the world and in CIS being a standard for ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Total, CNOOC, Rosneft Drilling, Lukoil Overseas, Eurasia Drilling Company (all EDC's onshore wells are processed in WellView) and many others. Peloton software is available in English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

WellView ®
For Peloton company the 2013th year was marked by new release of WellView ®, where the majority of customers' wishes were taken into account, and implemented the ability to work with real time data. The data are imported from server into WellView ®, which are visualized and used for the interpretation of drilling parameters, the balance of the time, emergency periods, and many others.
The output of 10th version of WellView ® is planned at the 2014, where the multiple improvements of data model and program functionality will be presented. In particular, in data model will be an ability to work with well cluster, daily readings on the gas flow rate, will be added new fields and sub-tables. Will be functional of work approval and a new type of reporting based on Microsoft SQL (Report Definition Language). The 10th version of the WellView ® will receive a powerful 3D tools and the ability to update the program by synchronization, just as it is happening right now with settings.
At the moment Peloton company completes the debug of new software product - ProdView ®, which summarizes and graphically presents the information on fluids flows in the oil and gas area or field. ProdView ® is the newest tool to account the produced fluid at the field and corporate accountability, which improves the analysis quality and information control, improves the visualization and production data processing of oil and gas companies.
ProdView is a piece of Peloton's integrated well lifecycle analysis and visualization solution that integrates seamlessly with our WellView, SiteView and RigView applications.
ProdView's production allocation and field data capture software allows you to:
• Maintain an interactive, data driven visual flow network diagram
• Allocate volumes by product, component and disposition
• Track equipment operations, maintenance and downtime
• Maintain interactive visual data audits
• Facilitate partner reporting
• Provide regulatory reporting
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