ABO will focus more on Central Asian market with offer of high performance valves

Central Asian market is becoming more interesting for Czech valve manufacturer ABO who is offering wide range of valves - from economic valves up to high performance valves with certificates including API 609-0068

3. 7. 2013, Olomouc, Czech Republic

ABO valve, a Czech Republic based company, is a specialist in production of industrial butterfly valves – soft seated as well as high-performance. On KIOGE show, ABO will be focusing on exhibition of high-performance butterfly valves. These types of valves can be extensively used in numerous applications, such transportation or storage of oil, gas, chemicals, viscous liquids, potable water or water treatment and refineries projects.

ABO has chosen KIOGE show as one of the 11 exhibitions (along with e.g. Big 5 Saudi, Valve World Asia or Pumps, Valves and Pipes Africa) in which the company will take part during this year as Kazakhstan is perceived as a perspective market by company managers. KIOGE exhibition will be 2nd exhibition in Kazakhstan for ABO. In the near future ABO would like to give more attention to the Kazakh market and is considering closing several contracts with local partners during KIOGE.

“ABO is already supplying valves into Kazakhstan and neighbouring countries mainly into oil & gas projects, water treatment, petrochemistry and metallurgy, and the target is to strengthen our presence via participation in oil & gas show and build up brand awareness among prospective clients as a reliable and quality manufacturer from Europe. Given the extensive knowledge that we have gained while serving the oil & gas market in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and also South-East Asia, ABO could be a valuable part of the chain while providing solutions for oil & gas market in Kazakhstan and generally Central Asia,” explains the strategy Miro Student, ABO Commercial Director.

“We have managed to grow during the last 3 years at an average growth rate of 27 % anually, and we are able to offer not only high-quality goods for fair prices, but also constant & reliable performance towards our clients. Our sales growth is currently driven by high performance valves, which are supplied into complex projects in the area of oil & gas transportation and storage,” continues the explanation Miro Student. Thanks to certificates Lloyd’s Register and API Monogram 609-0068, ABO is able to offer valves into demanding projects of transportation of oil & gas and shipbuilding. “Therefore, we feel that there are many opportunities for our company in the Central Asian market,” concludes Miro Student.

More information about most important certificates

ABO obtained during 2012 four important certificates: API 609-0068, DVGW, AD 2000 and Lloyd’s Register. These certificates widen the company certificates’ collection which already includes e.g. ISO 9001, TUV, GOSTR, ROSTECHNADZOR or TA Luft. Currently ABO works on number of other certificates, e.g. certificate Fire Safe for bigger DN valves.

“Continual work on ABO valves certifications shows our customers that ABO emphasizes quality & it guarantees them high quality products. It also demonstrates our technological maturity and strengthens our position on the valve market. Even though it is always a long-term and complicated process, it is worth it as we gain customers’ trust,” adds Miro Student.

  1. 1.API Monogram License No. 609-0068 awarded to ABO butterfly valves by American Petroleum Institute (API) has strengthenedABO’s position among main European valve manufacturers as currently, butterfly valves with API 609 Monogram are offered - apart from ABO - just by 4 other Europe-based producers. This certification encompasses high requirements on supplies into oil & gas industry.
  2. 2.DVGWcertificate was issued to ABO centric butterfly valves Series 900 (DN 32–400, PN 10) designated for gas distribution systems mainly in Germany and other European
  3. 3.AD 2000certificate verifies and recognizes ABO as manufacturer of valves without welding according to the rules of AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0, AD2000-Merklblatt A4 and AD 2000-Merkblatt HP100R and it is especially applicable to German oil & gas industry.
  4. 4.ABO centric valves Series 900 and eccentric valves Series 2E-5 obtained international certificate Lloyd’s Register which is an important condition for usage of valves in oil & chemical tankers as it ensures meeting of demanding safety limits.

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About ABO company

ABO valve, s.r.o. is the largest producer of butterfly and check valves for industrial applications in the Czech Republic. The headquarters as well as the production facility is located in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Through a net of branches ABO exports its products to more than 50 countries all over the world. ABO offers a wide product range of butterfly valves for general and industrial applications, including double and triple offset high performance valves, knife-gate valves, ball and safety valves for the most demanding applications. ABO production facilities are certified in accordance to ISO 9001 quality system, furthermore, several valve series have been awarded European and international certificates such as TUV, GOSTR, Lloyd’s Register, DVGW and also API 609-0068. More information can be found on www.abovalve.com.

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