Brief digest of news of Kazakhstan gas industry

The directions important for the economy and ecology of Kazakhstan are proposed to be developed within the framework of the program for the development of gas as a gas motor fuel.


When the plan is implemented, it is possible to reduce the consumption of diesel fuel by public transport in large cities (improving the ecology in cities), to increase the country’s transit potential (Chinese trucks do not enter Kazakhstan due to the lack of methane gas filling stations), and most importantly, not to depend on import of diesel fuel.

For example, one investor (a gas field) plans to build a Compressed Natural Gas Plant with further supply of raw materials for KTZ locomotives (the goal is to replace diesel fuel with compressed natural gas).

  By the end of the year, a large gas field will be launched in Kazakhstan


The Rozhkovskoye gas condensate field is being developed by Ural Oil and Gas LLP, whose participants are:
▪️ KazMunayGas NC (50%);
▪️ Hungarian MOL (27.5%);
▪️ Chinese FIOC (22.5%).

The potential volume of production will be up to 1 billion cubic meters of gas per year, industrial operation will be introduced before the end of the year. Sour gas from the field will be supplied to the gas processing facilities of Zhaikmunai LLP, after which commercial gas will be supplied to the domestic market.

The general contractor for the development and preparation of the field for industrial production is the Kazakhstani Neftestroyservice Ltd LLP. This is an excellent synergy effect: instead of building its own Gas Processing Plant, the subsoil user will use the free capacity of the Zhaiykmunai Gas Processing Plant. In addition, the Kazakhstani company was assigned EPC labor contract. And commercial gas will go to the domestic market.

Zhanaozen Gas Processing Plant to be!

Discussions on the construction of the Zhanaozen Gas Processing Plant among qualified contractors have begun today. The total budget of the Gas Processing Plant is 148 billion KZT. Completion of construction and launch of the Gas Processing Plant is planned for 2026. However, this is 3 years later than planned.

We remind that in June 2021, the Head of State instructed to speed up the construction of the Zhanaozen Gas Processing Plant:
“Delaying the issue of construction of a new gas processing plant on the basis of Kazakh Gas Processing Plant carries not only economic, but also social risks. I instruct the Government, together with the Samruk-Kazyna Fund, to activate work in this direction. The new plant should be put into operation no later than 2023” - instructed by the President even before the January events.

This plant is very important for the region, because the existing Kazakh Gas Processing Plant is worn out by more than 90%.

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