China Petroleum Technology and Development Corporation (CPTDC)

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Established in June 1987, China Petroleum Technology and Development Corporation (CPTDC), a CNPC company specializing in integrated energy equipment and service provision, has grown into the largest international trading company for petroleum and petrochemical materials and equipment in China. Boasting an international staff of 1,575, CPTDC has 542 Chinese employees, over 30% of whom have experiences of studying abroad, and among whom 484 with a good command of English or Russian and 48 fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Persian.

Over the years, along with tremendous efforts into the international market development, CPTDC has casted and persistently enhanced six major advantages as of global marketing network, international talented staff, rigid customer relationships, integrated service, business operation and door-to-door logistics. With 50 overseas facilities in 39 countries and regions, CPTDC has provided products and service to 90 countries and regions, covering more than 90% of the 10-million-tonne oil-producing countries. CPTDC has developed stable and large-scale markets in Central Asia and Russia, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific Region, and maintained sound and collaborative relationships with more than 2,000 customers, including more than 100 national oil companies and world-renowned service companies. Since its establishment, CPTDC has accumulated a total of 40 billion USD in contract value and 230 billion CNY in revenue, averaging more than 200 million CNY per employee, each with over 1 million CNY profit per year. CPTDC is striving to become a world leading integrated service provider in energy industry.


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