Edil-Oral.kz LLP

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Edil-Oral.kz LLP, a 100% Kazakhstani company, provides a wide range of high-tech productive services for companies that install and maintain electrical installations in explosive environments (oil and gas, mining, etc.).

The services of Edil-Oral.kz LLP cover four areas to provide comprehensive support to the customer on the site in accordance with the requirements of international standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) series 60079, the IECEx scheme, as well as European ATEX directives:

• Training center for training and certification of electrical and instrumentation personnel, as well as for the assessment and verification of personnel competencies (VOC).
• Maintenance and inspection of explosion-proof equipment;
• Service center for maintenance and overhaul of explosion-proof equipment, including high-voltage, low-voltage electric motors and lighting equipment;
• Consulting on work with explosion-proof equipment.

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