The New Reality of what we are doing and suggesting

New Reality Highlights

We have developed and are implementing a 6-Step Plan to protect both exhibitors and visitors from possible threats posed by the current epidemic. The bulk of these measures are Active Protection Measures.

1. At the entrances to exhibition halls, Infrared Temperature Meters will be installed, capable of tracking individuals whose temperature is higher than normal in real time, even in a sufficiently large traffic. Specially trained personnel will detect and prevent them from accessing the pavilion. They will be warned of the threat and advised to seek medical attention.

temperature min 1

2. The second measure of active protection is the Sanitizers. Handing out individual hand sanitizer to participants (this has already been mentioned) and installing stationary sanitizers in the busiest and most frequently visited places. Sanitizers will be mounted in the registration areas, near bathrooms, cafes, near the organizers' office and in seminar rooms.

sanitizer 2 min

sanitizer min

3. In addition, the possibility of distributing disposable masks and gloves for both participants and visitors is being considered.

4. The fourth point is cleaning with the use of disinfectants twice a day.

sanitation min

5. The installation of Air Disinfection System is also an option as long as the design of existing ventilation systems allows. The issue is being discussed with pavilion owners.

6. In addition to active prevention, we also simulate the Stand Functional Zones using medical recommendations and additional protective elements for both individually designed furniture and standard furniture used on Modular Stands.
- Please look at these images to have an idea the way we see it. The measures are simple enough, not intrusive, but efficient. In this case, it is a transparent barrier that will be mounted on information desks and conventional negotiations tables.

Reception2 min

- In principle, it is even possible to apply appropriate markings on the Stand’s floor, which can be applied for some time to the floor where the stand is, so that the staff that attends the stand and visitors are accustomed to the precautions and in the future, these measures will be automatically followed.

- The following images show a clear example of a “safe” Exhibition Stand. There, visitors are advised to take a certain waiting seat meanwhile staff members are busy negotiating and interacting with other people. Of course, there are Stands’ Dimensions & Layout.


Needless to say, we are also developing visual information with regard to new rules for visiting exhibitions in the form of leaflets and banners at the Exhibition Halls Entrances.

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