Atyrau refinery in January processes almost 470 tonnes of oil, which amounts to 101.7% of the plan


In January 2019, the Atyrau Refinery processed 469,916 tonnes of crude oil, which comprised 101.7% of the plan. For comparison, in January 2018, the plant processed 440,803 tonnes, that is, almost 30,000 tonnes less, the press service of the company reported.

Socially significant types of petroleum products, such as gasoline was produced at 125,936 tonnes, 100% of the plan, diesel fuel at 130,308 tonnes, 107% of the plan, jet fuel of the RT grade at 11,673 tonnes, 110% of the plan, liquefied petroleum gas at 16,840 tonnes, 108% of the plan. Shipment of these petroleum products was carried out in accordance with the production program for 2019 approved by the Ministry of Economy of Kazakhstan.

The plant managed to achieve such indicators thanks to the Deep Oil Refining Complex built as part of the plant modernisation, consisting of 12 process units. DORC allowed to increase the production of gasoline more than twice. The main facility of the complex, catalytic cracking R2R, was built using Axens technology.

There are only two such plants in the world, one of which is at the Moscow Refinery, another one is in China. A special feature of R2R is the presence of two regenerators, which allow the processing of heavier oil residues to produce valuable high-quality products, such as liquefied gas, gasoline and light gas oil.

Reported by ABC TV (Kazakhstan).


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