Technology of robotic tank stripping of Mirrico Group of Companies comes to Kazakhstan

The MARTin robotic complex cleans the tanks and processes the bottom sediments at the Caspi Bitum plant, Mirrico Group of Companies reported on January 17, 2018.


Works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of industrial safety, in the terms established by the customer. The predicted return of oil to the customer from tanks with a volume of 20 thousand cubic metres will be 97%.


Andrei Spirikhin, product manager of the Mirrico Group robotic cleaning method:

"Customers from Kazakhstan highly appreciated the advantages of a robotic stripping compared to the manual method, including safety and efficiency of work because instead of personnel, the tank is cleaned by a remote-controlled cleaner; economic effect and reduction of environmental load (return of at least 90% of oil from sediments to the customer, sending to the landfill the minimum amount of dehydrated sludge due to the phase separation technology).


Currently, Mirrico Group of Companies is negotiating to continue work at Mangistaimunaygaz. In 2018, the company cleaned five RVSs with a volume of 5,000 cubic metres. Now it participates in a tender from NCOC. In case of winning the tender, the robotic method will be tested during the stripping of the oil terminal of the barge.


MARTin is a mobile autonomous robotic unit for cleaning oil and petroleum products from storage tanks.

Reported by Neftegaz (Russia).


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