Kazakhstan to develop information system for oil accounting

The implementation of the project, worth about 3 billion tenge, will allow to keep records of oil, ranging from the well to the final consumer. The economic effect of the project can be up to 23 billion tenge. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Energy Bolat Akchulakov.

“The project of the oil accounting information system is an icebreaker project. This is a fairly large program that we start. Firstly, it will be a complete automation of the collection, processing, storage and use of information about all volumes of oil production and its preparation in a saleable form, sales and processing. That is, the whole cycle, from the well to the end consumer," explained the vice-minister.

Thus, the system will allow to receive all data from each element of this process. in real time

“The system will be aimed at combating the shadow turnover of oil and, in this connection, will increase tax collection. The cost of the project will be approximately 2 billion 700 million tenge. The economic effect can be up to 23 billion tenge,” the speaker said.

Reported by Kursiv (Kazakhstan).


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