Atyrau oil refinery starts production of a new brand of aviation fuel

At the Atyrau oil refinery, the first batch of aviation fuel of the RT brand was produced. Thus, having completed the production of the fuel of the TS-1 brand by September 25, since October, the refinery has completely switched to the production of new products.

The aviation fuel of the RT brand passed certification with the receipt of a corresponding PIN-code for the goods. Now this aviation fuel can be bought by airlines and filled in air transport.

"The production of a new type of jet fuel for civil and military aircraft began as part of the expansion of the line of light oil products of Atyrau oil refinery after the completion of the modernisation project," the enterprise reported.

Thus, the production of jet fuel will grow from 21,000 tonnes to 230,000 tonnes per year in 2019, that is, more than 10 times.

Reported by Kapital (Kazakhstan).


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