New chemical plant in Aktau to supply oil, gas industries

A chemical plant will start operating in Aktau in 2020. It will be built by Topan Chemical Industries. According to Gaisa Zhumaliyev, head of the company, the new factory will produce caustic soda and chlorine-containing products. The project value is $70 million.

The plant is expected to be constructed in the Seaport Aktau Special Economic Zone. With the launch of the plant, 120 new jobs will be secured.

The company mainly aims to comply with environmental requirements.

It should be mentioned that the membrane electrolysis technology, which will be used at the plant, is currently considered as the most advanced and environmentally friendly.

"After the start-up, we will be able to supply the oil and gas and mining companies with the chemicals they need including caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride, and sodium hypochlorite. These products are actively used in our industry. At present time, these chemicals are imported from Russia. We want to establish local production," Zhumaliyev said.


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