China to increase volume of gas supplies from Russia and Kazakhstan

China intends to increase the supply of natural gas from Russia and Kazakhstan in the near future, the China News Service reports with reference to the responsible person in the State Energy Administration of China.

In addition, China also intends to encourage diversification of natural gas imports into the country.

"In 2017, China imported 94.6 billion cubic metres of natural gas, including through the Central Asian gas pipeline and the China-Myanmar gas pipeline from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Myanmar, the volume of imports from Russia and Kazakhstan will be increased in the near future," the agency cited words of the representative of the Energy Administration.

He added that the number of countries importing gas to China reached 22, thus the level of diversification of sources of supply reached a rather high level.

Gazprom and Chinese CNPC, in May 2014, signed an agreement on the supply of Russian gas to China along the eastern route. The contract is concluded for 30 years and assumes an annual supply of 38 billion cubic metres through the Siberia Power gas pipeline. Deliveries should begin on December 20, 2019. Also, Novatek jointly with the Chinese CNPC is implementing the Yamal LNG project. China became the buyer of the second instalment of LNG from this project.

Reported by Zakon (Kazakhstan).


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