ILF Consulting Engineers - leading international company which offers Engineering and Consultancy services

ILF Consulting Engineers is a leading international company, which offers Engineering and Consultancy services. We have been working with industry leaders in Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy, Water and Transport sectors solving complex engineering and project management challenges. Since 1967, ILF has successfully executed more than 6000 projects in over 100 countries.

ILF Group has more than 40 office locations across the world with main offices in Innsbruck, Austria and Munich, Germany. ILF has been working in Kazakhstan since 1994 and holds Category 1 Design License.

ILF provides all services required for the successful implementation of upstream facility projects. These services include:

• Conceptual design, Basic engineering/FEED, detailed engineering studies, technical due diligence, RAM
• EPCM including procurement, construction and commissioning management services
• PMC including procurement, construction and commissioning management services
• Technical safety and loss prevention: HAZID/HAZOP, SIL/LOPA, QRA studies, escape, evacuation and rescue assessment, fire and explosion safety studies, emergency and oil spill response plans
• Project risk assessment

Upstream Expertise

On & offshore oil & gas surface production systems including:

• Primary oil/gas/water separation
• Oil treatment: Desalting, dehydration, heat exchanging, stabilization & sweetening
• Gas conditioning: Compression, dehydration, filtration, heat exchanging, NGL recovery, low temperature separation, sweetening
• Produced & source water treatment: Chemical injection, deaeration, de-oiling, desalination, filtration including multimedia & membranes, flotation (air, N2 & gas), hydrocylcone, solid removal, CPI separator, sweetening
• Injection systems: Produced & sea water, gas & steam
• Field gathering & distribution systems, export systems

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