Katch Kan™ emerged in response to the environmental challenges in the energy sector

Katch Kan™ emerged in response to the environmental challenges in the energy sector. The company is based on a commitment to sustainable development, by protecting and preserving the land and water where the upstream oil and gas industry operates. The central achievements of Katch Kan™ are the Rig Safety System (RSS™) and the Zero Spill System (ZSS™). These systems work together to reduce operational costs, increasing rig performance efficiency, reducing injury, and help companies optimize their public profiles. These systems dramatically reduce drilling fluid loss and prevent contamination of drilling site which in turn reduces operator liability for remediation and reclamation. Systems are available for land drilling, offshore, service rigs, well servicing and well heads.
The Rig Safety System is made-up of a series of products, with some of the key components including the Kelly Kan™; a light weight super-polymer based unit that redirects drilling fluid downward. Tong Handle Guards; reduces hand crush injuries during the tong operations. The Splash Guard; keeps feet out of the rotary table and foreign objects out of Kelly bushings. The Katch Mat; an anti-slip, ergonomic, temperature and invert resistant safety mat, and the Kelly Bushing Guard; an enclosure placed over the splash guard.
Like the system noted above, the Zero Spill System™ consists of products placed in sequence that play a specific role in redirecting and containing fluid on drilling and service rigs. Key products involved in this process include the Upper Katch Kan™; receives the fluid. The 2nd Stage Low Profile Katch Kan™; catches any fluids escaping through the drilling floor, and the Adjustable Containment Enclosure™ (ACE); contains fluids escaping through cracks in drill floor.
Katch Kan™ is proud to be ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and COR certified Canadian company that is driven to provide quality standardized results through its practices; now operating in over 60 countries worldwide. We provide cradle to grave products that are effectively reducing the environmental foot print made by oil and gas activities. Katch Kan™'s systems make it easy to reduce environmental footprint and maximize rig safety and are able to adapt to any rig, anywhere in the world.
For more information on our products and services please visit our website at www.katchkan.com
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