Quality is strength. This is the saying of GIEMINOX TECTUBI RACCORDI-ALLIED INTERNATIONAL GROUP (Schio, Vicenza-Italy) in the production of longitudinally welded clad and lined pipes in every type of steel, from 8” to 48”, up to 12 meters length, with a yearly capacity of 7,500 tons.

Pipes made from metallurgically bonded clad plates are a good technical and economic choice for the transmission of oil and gas. The need to transport corrosive media at elevated temperatures and high pressures has increased the use of clad pipes in the years, today it is estimated that the total CRA flowline demand in the next five years will be around 930 km, of which the 90% is expected to be for clad or lined pipe.

Clad plates are formed into pipes and then longitudinally welded by SAW/ESW techniques which combines a very high productivity with excellent result for corrosion resistance. Backing steel material involve carbon steels to high yield grades, corrosion resistance layers from austenitic stainless steels to nickel alloys in the likes of Inconel 625™ and Incoloy 825™.

A further critical aspect is the control of the ID to ensure optimal conditions for weld fit-up and root run purity. For this reason the company has established a manufacturing process where the control of ID is enhanced so to be able to suit tighter tolerances e.g. up to +/- 0.25 mm at the pipe ends. A robust welding solution has guaranteed to pass most stringent technical requirements in terms of mechanical properties, chemical analysis and corrosion resistance of restored weld seam.

Pipes which, in this way, are able to connect energy and technological culture together with the quality.
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