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1. CONCEPT: The concept presented is unique and the approach used is distinct

OASIS [Operational Assurance Safety Integrity Systems]
OASIS Flange / Valve / Blind and Isolation Management software is a unique worlds first all in one application.
This unique application to houses all management concepts under one place and carried out in real time on a remote ATEX rated tabled, its a full turnaround and shutdown management system for any facility anywhere across the world. It enables users to identify multiple joints, valves, torque calculations, locations and feedback to the engineers/managers desktop in real time. Location GPS enabled all joints are now accessible.
Its designed to shave time off shutdowns and turn arounds with quicker start-ups verifying no fugitive emissions. Fully conversant with IoT plus other integrity and planning tools
Fig 1. All relevant information available on a Zone 1 Intrinsically safe tablet

safe tablet

2. INNOVATION: The degree of innovation and originality demonstrate how the development of the new technological project and its application has resulted in progression

The innovation has been developed with phase 1 in 2017 in flange management with 3 full time team of engineers and software developers from the UK and now we are ready to launch the latest phase 2 in 2018 with a significant powerful package application OASIS. Including Pre-work (scaffolding /insulation and trace heating removal). Isolation management for 1 job or a full shutdown, Work Execution, results and verification of the work carried out in real time, de-isolation and testing with results and finalising the post work with digital sign off. Cutting down time and not scope, The cost benefits are in the millions and are immense.

Fig 2. All relevant information presented on an individual Flange with the ability to be updated to management systems in real time

individual Flange 398x293

3. ECONOMIC VALUE: The submission describes the competitive advantages, the relationship between cost and benefits and the economic desirability of the project

After successfully demonstration Phase 1 to some major Oil and Gas producers it was evident the cost benefits would be immense cutting time (2 hours) on a P1 critical path produce immediate return on any investment. On our latest Thortrium phase 2 package we would cut considerably more time and help get the facility back in production quicker than ever before.

Fig 3. Thortrium structure affords both time saving production benefits with the added benefit of instant real time updates to the admin management system

Thortrium structure 2

4. INDUSTRY IMPACT: Current or future benefits and advantages for the oil and gas industry are clear and distinguishable

Oil and Gas are constantly challenged with joint asset integrity and integrity verification . This application will revolutionise the way all companies carry out joint integrity work verifying each individual joint quickly safely with zero leaks and making fugitive emissions a thing of the past. This will make Oil and Gas more environmentally friendly, underpinning safey and user friendly.

Fig 4. Afforded benefits of Thortrium

Afforded benefits of Thortrium 1

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