Kazakhstan International "Oil & Gas" Exhibition AND CONFERENCE
28-30 September 2022
Almaty, Kazakhstan


Dobrynin Maksim Vyacheslavovich (Projects Manager of CJSC Enterprise Special Technologies) Penza.

Dobrynin Maxim

Our company is participating in the KIOGE 2021 exhibition for the first time. Today is the first day, and it is difficult to say that the expectations of the exhibition have been fulfilled, however, it’s only the beginning. Generally, we glad to take a part in the exhibition. I think there will be more clients tomorrow and a more productive day than today.

If you look at the percentage of the target audience around 70 out of 100 are clients, but again, because it is the first day, probably not all the clients have arrived, I think there will be more in the next several days.

Unfortunately, there are no new contracts, since it is not so easy to work with the Republic of Kazakhstan either. Mutually beneficial cooperation does not begin from the first year, but we can say - in the order of two, three, four years, that's only then there may be some agreements. In the meantime, we can say intelligence.

What influenced our decision to participate in the exhibition? Firstly, the decision of the management to go to the exhibition, show their products, and since there are a lot of export shipments.

Shalavina Alena (Deputy Director of the Export Support Center of the Volgograd Region)

Shalavina Alena

We are participating in the exhibition for the first time, namely with a collective stand, but directly in Kazakhstan we route delegations on a permanent basis.

We represent the Volgograd region of the Russian Federation, a collective stand. On our stand there are six Volgograd enterprises, and respectively we expect good results and mutually beneficial export contracts. It is only the first day - the negotiating process at its height, and we look forward to a successful conclusion of the first day.

But even now, we can already say that this is a target audience. Regarding oil and gas, in this case we are developing our contacts and hope for a successful event.

An export contract is a long-term project, it never happens overnight or on the spot, especially in an industry such as oil and gas. Of course, our companies work out potential Kazakh partners before the participation in the exhibition, invite them to visit the exhibition. I hope that by the end of the exhibition we will have certain agreements with the Kazakh side.

What influenced our decision to participate in the exhibition? I think the focus influenced the participation in the exhibition, because we have a program of state support for non-resource, non-energy exports, accordingly, our exhibitions have a sectoral character and there was no an oil and gas event in our portfolio, consequently, we decided to make a collective stand for the Volgograd region at this exhibition.

Bussarov Denis Vladimirovich (Development Director of NPK Magenta Development LLC) Samara.

Busarov Denis

Magenta Development NPK LLC participates in the KIOGE 2021 exhibition for the first time. We present a special transportation solution for oil and gas companies.

As it is only the first day and still too early to talk about efficiency, but people are interested. This is our target audience.

Deals are not done quickly in our industry, that is why this is rather a first meeting with potential customers with the hope of further expansion of relations.

What influenced our decision to participate in the exhibition? A pandemic is a pandemic, and a business is a business, production does not stop, that is why our solution is also in demand.

Reshetov Roman Anatolyevich (Deputy Director of NEFTEMASH LLC, Izhevsk city, Udmurtia)

Reshetov Roman

Exactly here, we came to the exhibition for the first time, but we participated in similar events on the territory of Kazakhstan, in Atyrau and Aktau.

Of course, we came to the exhibition to find new partners on the territory of Kazakhstan, with whom we are ready to cooperate and who is ready to cooperate with us. I think that generally the level of organization is quite high, the only thing I would like is - more profile visitors related to production.

What influenced our decision to participate in the exhibition?  Actually, the exhibition data is more the first acquaintance with potential clients. In the future we hope to conclude contracts and a long-term cooperation.

Aiduganov Dmitry Nikolaevich (Deputy Director for Development of Engineering and Production Center LLC, Republic of Tatarstan.

Aiduganov Dmitry

The main activity of our company is the protection of the pipeline against corrosion in oil and gas, oil refining and housing and utilities infrastructure.

We are participating in KIOGE for the second time, this is a very big platform where you can present your products and offer a solution to the problems of corrosion in pipeline transport during the transportation of different things.

I think, that this is the biggest event in the Republic of Kazakhstan, where you can meet the largest companies in the oil and gas sector. The main goal of our company is to find new and maintain warm relations with existing partners. We are always pleased to new cooperation and solution of complex engineering tasks.

Timoshin Artem Aleksandrovich (Deputy General Director of NEFTEPROMAVTOMATIKA) Ufa.

Timoshin Artem

NEFTEPROMAVTOMATIKA participates in KIOGE for the first time.

Our expectations from participation in the exhibition were fully justified. A great exhibition. There is a lot of target audience, in general, everything is fine.

Of course, it is too early to talk about the conclusion of contracts, but certain agreements have been reached, and they are diverse and promising.

What influenced our decision to participate in the exhibition? It is difficult to say, perhaps, the desire to develop and achieve even greater success.

Head of the Department of Exhibition and Fair Activities of the Export Support Center of the Republic of Bashkortostan.


Participation in the exhibition gives opportunity to find new partners, learn new trends in the development of the industry, exchange experience, present products with dignity, to carry out complex analysis of dynamics, establish constructive dialogue between producers.

The exhibition was attended by the heads of the largest energy companies. The Export Support Center of the Republic of Bashkortostan participates in exhibition for the first time with a collective stand.

During the B2B meetings, the companies of the Republic of Bashkortostan achieved good results. Burservice NPP JSC received an offer to participate in the shell field for 2022. Technolog NPO JSC received a proposal from NIPIneftegaz JSC to build a joint venture for the production of chemicals for the oil industry and conduct pilot tests. Carbon Technology LLC received a proposal from the Akimat of the West Kazakhstan region to conduct a joint business. As part of a visit to the Republic of Bashkortostan, they intend to visit the company for a detailed study of the issue. Kazakh companies offered proposals on joint business, concluding dealer agreements, requesting commercial proposals and sending technical specifications for miscalculation.

Despite the difficult epidemiological situation in the world, we decided to participate in order to present unique technologies and developments for the branches of the fuel and energy complex of Bashkir producers in the Republic of Kazakhstan.