Welcome Letters 2015

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan let me welcome you to KIOGE 2015, the annual oil and gas exhibition and conference. It is a pleasure that such a large-scale industry event has been held in Kazakhstan for 23 years. Many of today’s exhibitors have been attending KIOGE almost since the very first exhibition. Above all, this attests to the stability of Kazakhstan’s market and the fact that we have managed to create favorable conditions for all its players.

Of course, the new era dictates the rules and we are not resting on our laurels. Despite the global economic crisis and the volatility of international markets, Kazakhstan is continuing to implement a programme of industrial and innovative development, affecting all sectors of the economy, leading to a growing demand for energy including hydrocarbons. In addition, the oil and gas industry, like many other industries, is becoming increasingly knowledge-based. Innovative technologies and approaches are being introduced at all stages from exploration to production.

With the creation of the EEU, our local enterprises have opened new markets. Success can only be achieved by companies with the best competitive advantages. Therefore, holding the international exhibition and conference in Almaty provides an excellent opportunity for all companies and industry professionals to explore the latest trends and discuss current issues, while start-ups can find investors.

I believe that the upcoming KIOGE, will as always, bring the best results for exhibitors, give new impetus to the development of cooperation between companies, and provide new opportunities for new products.

I wish all participants productive work and the best results.

Yours sincerely,

Vladimir Shkolnik
Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


On behalf of KazMunayGas JSC, I would like to welcome exhibitors and visitors to KIOGE 2015, the 23rd Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference.

For over two decades, KIOGE has been an effective platform for specialists of the oil and gas sector to discuss the main trends in the global and Kazakhstani fuel and energy markets, and an excellent opportunity for industry companies to demonstrate their production potential and advanced technologies. The exhibition and conference always attract huge interest, bringing together delegates from over 500 oil and gas and financial structures, research institutes and non-governmental organisations from 20 countries.

Given the usefulness of the event and the wide range of representatives attending, KazMunayGas is actively participating in and officially supporting KIOGE. I am confident that KazMunayGas will continue its close collaboration with the forum in the future.

The sections and topics of this exhibition and conference are, as always, highly relevant, covering issues of production, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons, oil and gas machine building, geophysical services, the environment, planning, engineering, consulting, oil field services, and pipeline construction.

For KazMunayGas, which faces issues of improving all business processes, increasing production efficiency, strengthening geological exploration, expanding pipeline networks, improving corporate management systems, as well as introducing innovations, the exchange of opinions, experience and advanced solutions for all aspects covered at KIOGE will be extremely useful.

I wish you success in your work during the forum, productive discussions and valuable agreements.

Sauat Mynbayev
Chairman of the Board

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am very pleased to welcome you to KIOGE 2015 on behalf of the Austrian Embassy in Astana.

After the successful visit of Austrian business delegation to KIOGE in 2014, I highly appreciate that this year Austria’s export promotion agency ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is for a first time exhibiting an Austrian Pavilion presenting 10 Austrian companies, technologies and their expertise on a large scale. I therefore kindly invite you to pay a visit to the AUSTRIA Pavilion – your time will be well spent.

Kazakhstan has managed to establish a strong position on the world oil and gas markets and ties with Austria have been developing fast over the last decade. Given the decrease in world oil prices, Kazakhstan is in need of more efficient technologies. This is exactly where Austrian experts can contribute. Although Austria itself does not dispose of large oil resources, Austria’s national oil and gas company is a major regional player and there are a number of highly specialized suppliers of equipment, technologies and services for the oil & gas industry. Partners and clients from the North Sea to the Arabian Gulf appreciate the high quality, innovative technologies and reliability in long-term business relations which Austrian companies offer.

As Kazakhstan’s number of trade event in this sector, KIOGE is an excellent opportunity to create, strengthen and facilitate business ties. I hope that KIOGE will help joint Austrian-Kazakh business to grow and wish all participants and visitors a successful exhibition and conference.

Sincerely yours,

Wolfgang Banyai

I am very pleased to welcome all exponents and visitors of the exhibition and the conference KIOGE 2015.

I thank the KIOGE organizing committee for the invitation to this remarkable international event, in terms of quality, level of exhibitors and content and I welcome the participation of Belgian companies and delegates, as it was the case in previous years.

I wish all of you a pleasant and fruitful stay in Almaty.

Ambassador of Belgium
To Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan
Michel Peetermans

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

It is my honor to address you in the directory of the 23rd Kazakhstan Oil and Gas International Exhibition and Conference. As we all know this event proves to be a prominent get-together for professionals in oil and gas industry of Central Asia.

Bilateral relations between the Netherlands and the Republic of Kazakhstan are positive. As one of the major investors into the economy of Kazakhstan the Netherlands welcomes Kazakhstan’s membership of the World Trade Organization and the signing of the Reinforced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with the EU. I trust this sends a very positive signal to the international investment community about the business climate in Kazakhstan and will deepen and broaden the relations between our countries.

The year has been interesting and challenging for the oil and gas industry. The world is shifting toward energy-efficient technologies, oil and gas producing technologies are advancing to allow better reserves recovery rates, the sanctions against hydrocarbons-rich Iran were lifted, shale gas revolution in the US continues, economic growth slows down all over the world, etc.

These developments in oil and gas sector echo in Kazakhstan calling for further economy’s diversification. KIOGE offers its exhibitors and guests vast opportunities for companies toward new industries along the petrochemical value chain. Companies in project research and designing can meet geophysical service providers. Engineers can partner with oil and gas equipment suppliers. Construction companies can cooperate with logistics companies. Thanks to continuous innovations and improvements Dutch companies are traditionally strong in production and processing solutions for oil and gas sector.

Let me wish to the participants fruitful days at the exhibition, strategic partnerships and mutually beneficial contracts. I wish to thank the team of ITECA for their efforts to bring so many professionals for KIOGE to Almaty.

Sincerely yours,
Hans Driesser
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

To participants and visitors of the 23rd KIOGE 2015 Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition

I heartily welcome participants and visitors of the 23rd KIOGE 2015 Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference. As a traditional place for inclusive dialogue, KIOGE has repeatedly proved in practice its efficiency as a starting point for all participants of oil and gas business in the region.

Russia and Kazakhstan trade and economic cooperation in the hydrocarbon production, processing and distribution is on the high level. Mutually beneficial oil and gas partnership relations have gained totally new depth and dynamics within the framework of EAEU. There are all reasons to believe that participatory development of fuel and energy complex will create necessary conditions for providing stable economical growth and increase of well-being of both our countries.

I am confident, that intensive business programme will allow sharing advanced international experiences and finding new opportunities for further strengthening of cooperation between our countries.

I wish success for the organisers and productive work for the visitors.

Ambassador of the Russian Federation
to the Republic of Kazakhstan
M. Bocharnikov

Ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I welcome you and congratulate with the opening of the 23rd Kazakhstan International “Oil&Gas” Exhibition and Conference - “KIOGE 2015.

For the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation is one of the strategic partners in the oil and gas industry and the presence of Russian companies at the exhibition is the demonstration of close historical ties that bind our two countries.

Every year, “KIOGE 2015” exhibition and conference bring together hundreds of exhibitors from different countries, thousands of representatives of science, manufacture and management from all areas of oil, oil refining, petrochemical and gas industries, oil and oil products transportation, environmental experts, representatives of public authorities. Participation in the international exhibition and conference provides an opportunity for Russian and Kazakhstani companies to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation, expand existing experience, establish new business contacts and helps to further strengthen and develop the partnership between our two countries.

I wish all participants and guests of the international exhibition and conference “KIOGE 2015” successful work and excellent results!

Trade Representative
of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan
A.V. Yakovlev