Kazakhstan International "Oil & Gas" Exhibition and Conference
2-4 October 2024
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Welcome Letters 2012

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I am delighted to welcome the participants and guests of the 20th Jubilee KIOGE Kazakhstan International Exhibition and Conference!

Nowadays Kazakhstan is a dynamically expanding economy that has achieved unprecedented results through the years of its Independence. Oil and gas form a key sector in our Country. The improvement of the regulatory framework governing commercial and economic cooperation, harmonisation of the national legislation and international regulations have been creating favourable environment for the attraction of investment to the Country.

The KIOGE Exhibition and Conference are virtually of the same age as Kazakhstan’s Independence. Since first arranged in 1993, KIOGE has become one of the most prominent events in the power sector of the Country and a significant platform for the discussion of the relevant questions of oil and gas industry and a dialogue with national and foreign partners both at the state and private levels.

Since the time of its establishment and for many years, KIOGE has been attended by key sector companies and key industry representatives, which testifies to the relevance and essentiality of this forum.

We hope that the KIOGE Forum will continue as a momentous event for 20 years to come and will carry its traditional mission of involving specialists and businessmen of the world’s leading petroleum organisations, financial institutions, foreign countries’ diplomatic corps and mass media in the solving of the vital questions of the Kazakhstan fuel and energy complex, remain a forum for expanded cooperation in the global petroleum community and afford an opportunity to highlight and get acquainted with state-of-the-art developments, new progress trends and prospects of cooperation and implementation of investment projects.

Sauat Mukhametbayevich Mynbayev
Minister of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear exhibitors and visitors,

I would like to welcome the exhibitors, visitors and organisers of KIOGE 2012, the 20th Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference.

An exhibition of this standard is the most active forum for market interaction and for presenting achievements and opportunities. KIOGE serves as a meeting place for colleagues and partners and lays firm foundations for establishing valuable cooperation.

We consider this event to be very important, as it allows the presentation of the economic potential that has been achieved both in Kazakhstan and in other countries.

The oil and gas industry has a real impact on the socio-economic development of the country and its individual regions. Essentially the driving force behind the country’s economy, it also promotes development in other sectors. The work of oil and gas companies is connected with the creation and implementation of key social projects on a regional and national scale - within the State Programme for Forced Industrial and Innovative Development, a development programme for the oil and gas sector is currently in progress and achieving success.

I am confident that the meetings and negotiations held within KIOGE 2012 will help to further strengthen Kazakhstan’s image as a reliable supplier of oil and gas.

I would like to wish all the exhibitors of KIOGE every success in their work at the event.

Akhmetzhan Esimov
Mayor of Almaty

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of KazMunaiGas National Company, I am happy to welcome the exhibitors and guests of the 20th Jubilee Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference – KIOGE 2012.

KazMunaiGas Group, since its very establishment, has provided official support for KIOGE Exhibition and Conference and has been among the most active participants in this reputable oil and gas forum.

I would like to note that over these two decades since it was launched KIOGE Exhibition and Conference has become an annual industry-wise event respected by professionals, an efficient form of sharing experiences and establishing mutually beneficial contacts. KIOGE today is one of the central dialogue platforms to discuss burning issues of oil and gas business development.

I am confident that the days of this Jubilee KIOGE 2012 Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference will be useful both for KazMunaiGas National Company and for our partners, and will be filled with important events – negotiations, mutually advantageous agreements, which will become a starting point for creation and implementation of new oil and gas projects and joint ventures in Kazakhstan.

I congratulate you on this glorious jubilee of KIOGE 2012 International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference and wish everybody successful and fruitful work!

Lyazzat Kiinov
Chairman of the Board
KazMunaiGas NC JSC

Dear exhibitors and visitors of the anniversary KIOGE 2012 international exhibition and conference,

I am pleased to welcome you on behalf of the KAZENERGY Association.

An effective tandem has arisen in our country between the KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum and KIOGE, as two leading energy events whose activities are closely linked and dedicated to developing the domestic energy sector and its role in the global economy.

If the KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum, held for the 7th time from 2 to 3 October in Astana, is traditionally an authoritative dialogue platform ensuring a global view on energy, then its strategic partner KIOGE plays an important role in promoting advanced technologies and innovation and supporting modernisation of the industry.

This year, the participants of the KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum are set to discuss problems related to shaping a sustainable energy future. Well-known politicians and experts and the global business elite, in a professional manner, will examine development issues for Kazakhstan and Eurasia’s energy industry, new investment opportunities, and prospects for further cooperation in innovation, corporate social responsibility, prospects for ‘green growth’, and many other topical themes.

A meeting of such an authoritative international organisation as the World Petroleum Council will take place for the first time in Kazakhstan within the KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum. Thematic round tables will be held to bring special attention to issues such as shale gas development prospects, transparency initiatives in the extractive industries, financial solutions for participants of Kazakhstan’s energy industry, workforce planning in the energy sector, and more.

I am confident that during the work of the KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum, new solutions and approaches will be found for many aspects on the Kazakhstani and global energy agenda.

At the same time, KIOGE, being an important platform for exchanging experience and the latest achievements in oil and gas, will allow business contacts between its participants to be expanded and strengthened, the technological progress of Kazakhstan to be developed, and the proposals developed at the Forum to be implemented using the relevant tools. KIOGE 2012 will without a doubt have a positive impact on future development of the domestic oil and gas industry.

I would like to wish you productive work and every success.

Dzhambulat Sarsenov
General Director of KAZENERGY Association

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to KIOGE 2012 on behalf of the British Embassy Astana. This will be my third, and final, KIOGE and it has been my pleasure to attend in each of my years as British Ambassador. I am sure my successor Dr Carolyn Browne will be equally happy to attend during her time in Kazakhstan.

The United Kingdom has long been a partner of choice for Kazakhstan in the oil and gas sector since independence in 1991. Two of our major companies are shareholders in the Kashagan (Shell) and Karachaganak (BG Group) projects. There are also many Small and Medium Scale Enterprises here in Kazakhstan, many as joint ventures, which are part of the supply chain. These SMEs are crucial for the safe, environmentally friendly, efficient, and profitable work of the major oil and gas projects here in Kazakhstan for whom they work.

With oil reserves of 30 billion barrels Kazakhstan is a key country in the world’s ongoing quest for hydrocarbon resources. Kazakhstan already supplies a significant amount of oil to world markets and this will only increase as large and exciting projects such as Kashagan come on-stream.

The UK will continue to work with KIOGE, not least to showcase the expertise and innovation of our energy industry. Britain has rightly gained a reputation for excellence, particularly in Aberdeen, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with Kazakhstan for many years to come.

I wish you all a productive and fruitful conference.

David Moran
Her Majesty’s Ambassador

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Canada and Kazakhstan are both among the world’s leading energy producers and we share similar climatic and geological conditions. This makes us ideal partners in this sector. Canadian companies are active worldwide throughout the entire value chain of the oil and gas sector, from exploration and production to transport and services. Canadian companies have particularly relevant expertise in state of the art production technologies, construction and logistics, energy efficiency, environment technology and marine technology. Canada’s oil and gas industry operates in some of the most challenging and varied conditions on the globe, including in zones of permafrost and tundra as well as in challenging offshore locations. . Canadian companies are constantly adapting and developing new technologies, making them recognized world leaders in heavy oil production, sour oil and gas extraction, sulphur management, drilling, pipeline construction and security, associated gas utilization, harsh environment and offshore technologies.

These technologies, expertise and experience allow Canadian companies actively cooperate with Kazakhstani partners.

Kazakhstan aims to become one of the top ten energy suppliers to the world market and Canadian companies are keen to work with Kazakhstani partners to realize this goal. The Canadian Pavilion at KIOGE is a demonstration of the strong interest of Canadian oil and gas industry to Kazakhstan.

I wish success to exhibitors, participants and organizers of KIOGE 2012!

H.E. Stephen Millar

Ambassador of Canada to the Republic of Kazakhstan
the Kyrgyz Republic
the Republic of Tajikistan

I am very pleased to welcome all exhibitors, participants and guests to KIOGE 2012, which is celebrating its 20th Anniversary.

The European Union (EU) and the Republic of Kazakhstan have been close partners since the early 90's, sharing a dialogue which has been expanding ever since. The EU is Kazakhstan's largest trade partner, representing almost 50 % of Kazakhstan's exports, most of which taking place in the energy sector. The EU is also the biggest foreign investor in Kazakhstan, accounting for more than 60 % of the country's foreign direct investment. I believe that the ongoing negotiations for an Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement will further strengthen cooperation between the EU and Kazakhstan.

Energy security and cooperation in the energy field remain priorities to both the European Union and Kazakhstan. The European Union is one of the world's largest interconnected and integrated energy markets. Moreover, the European energy market is a reliable consumer market with attractive netback prices and important growth for the future. The integrated climate and energy policy of the EU aims to balance competitiveness, security of supply and sustainable development. Therefore the EU attaches utmost importance to foster its cooperation with Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

We already significantly benefitted from the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the field of Energy, which lays a solid basis for our energy cooperation. Our cooperation continues through a number of energy assistance projects including the INOGATE programme, as well as co-operation in the areas of clean coal, energy efficiency and renewables. On business level, many European companies are successfully rendering valuable contributions in the development of Kazakhstan's oil and gas industry while sharing their expertise, experience and know-how. We also share a strong mutual interest to maintain and cultivate a favourable investment climate.

I am convinced that the KIOGE Conference offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the challenges and opportunities which Kazakhstan's energy industry is facing. The KIOGE Exhibition will prove an unparalleled platform for our companies to build strong business partnerships and enhance cooperation with their partners. These business links could be advantageous for both parties and give a new impetus to further integration of our markets, closer interconnectivity and stimulate innnovations.

I wish all exhibitors and guests a very successful KIOGE 2012.


Aurélia Bouchez

Head of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Kazakhstan,
also accredited to Turkmenistan

Ladies and gentlemen,
Exhibitors and participants, visitors and organizers,

I am pleased to welcome you cordially to the KIOGE 2012 20th International Oil and Gas Exhibition. This event has emerged as an important platform over the last years and provides a wide range of opportunities for exhibitors, visitors and experts to get fresh picture of the latest developments in the oil and gas sector and to exchange views in this regard.

Due to the steadily growing importance of Kazakhstan as a major player in the international oil market the KIOGE 2012 20th International Oil and Gas Exhibition is well recognized on a regional level and from a global perspective. Therefore, it will bring together the leading players in the oil and gas market from Kazakhstan and worldwide anew.

This year German companies are again well represented and keen to offer you the latest technology and known how made in Germany. I would like to recommend you to assure yourself and to pay a visit to the presentation of German exhibitors. It will be worth it.

I wish the organizers and all participants of KIOGE 2012 an interesting and successful event.

Dr. Guido Herz
German Ambassador to the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to offer my sincere congratulations for the 20th anniversary of KIOGE —the largest oil and gas event in Kazakhstan.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the 20 years, Kazakhstan has accomplished remarkable economic growth and we are proud that we have contributed to this success through economic cooperation. In recent years Japanese private sector is increasingly becoming the main player in the economic cooperation between our countries through its growing interest in the investment in this country.

In the oil and gas sectors, I am paying close attention to the two projects involving Japanese companies: one is the Kashagan Offshore Oilfield Project, developed by NCOC, in which Japanese INPEX is participating. First production from the field is expected soon. Full scale-production will bring further economic development to Kazakhstan; the second one is the Phase 3 of Atyrau Refinery Modernization Project, participated by Japanese trading company MARUBENI. The Atyrau Refinery is the largest refinery in Kazakhstan, and this modernization enables the production of oil products suiting for high environmental standards (EURO5). Both projects are very important large scale projects in the oil and gas sectors in Kazakhstan and I am sure that the success of them will lead to more interest and investment from Japanese business community to these sectors in Kazakhstan.

Oil and gas sector is key development engine for Kazakhstan. KIOGE has contributed to attracting investments and encouraging the introduction of new technologies. I sincerely hope that the KIOGE 2012 will be successful in contributing to the further development of the oil and gas sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the
Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear participations,

I am honored with this opportunity to share my thoughts on KIOGE 2012.

Undoubtedly, KIOGE has been involved in a very significant way in the evolution of Kazakhstan`s oil and gas industry spanning over two decades.

I am heartened to learn that this time around, the organizer has taken the liberty of effecting a change tom the event`s format with emphasis on enhanced B2B interface. I am confident that this would be well received by participants of KIOGE 2012.

The comprehensive nature of topics that have been identified for discussion is also impressive. The Kazakhstan oil and gas industry has enough for all of those interested and Malaysia is no exception. Accordingly, I am confident that participant would find KIOGE most beneficial and that future editions of KIOGE would feature prominently in their travel diary.

On that note, I would like to welcome all of you to KIOGE 2012 and I whish you all a productive discourse.

Dato’ Ahmad Rasidi Hazizi
Ambassador of Malaysia in Kazakhstan

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of the Kingdom of the Netherlands I would like to greet participants and visitors of the 20th Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference KIOGE 2012. The exhibition is a peer of Kazakhstan and celebrates its 20th anniversary as well.

Development and growth of the oil and gas sector plays a strategic role for the success of the Kazakhstan Government industrial diversification policy. Long expected commencement of Kashagan’s expansion phases of Karachaganak and Tengiz would bring new contacts to service companies. I will not be too optimistic, if I say that regardless the dynamics of the international energy market, the perspective of oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan are promising. These days at KIOGE you could see the confirmation of this observation: more companies all over the world have decided to have their pavilions at the exhibition.

I am glad to see Dutch companies and products presented today at KIOGE. The Netherlands has gained a successful history of offshore development and production operations. Our products tested in the harsh climate conditions of the North Sea are well-known for its efficiency, preciseness and reliability. Dutch also excel in natural gas treatment, refinery, transportation and distribution. As a cleaner alternative to oil, Kazakhstan gas industry could see wider interest from corporations in the coming years provided less regulation over the sale price of gas on market. The market price would also stimulate companies to invest into energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies providing better recovery level of hydrocarbons.

I appreciate ITECA’s efforts in organizing KIOGE 2012, I believe it is a great platform for trade promotion for all countries interested in doing business in Kazakhstan and the whole Caspian region.

I hope KIOGE will bring its participants many creative ideas, fruitful contacts and possibly strategic partnerships between companies of Holland and Kazakhstan. I wish ITECA many more successful exhibitions.

H.E. Peter van Leeuwen
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome you to and congratulate you on the opening of KIOGE 2012, the 20th anniversary Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference.

Each year, the event brings together hundreds of exhibiting companies from different countries, several thousand scientists, technical experts and managers representing all sectors of the oil production, refining, petrochemicals, gas, oil and oil product transportation industries, and ecologists and government officials. For 20 years, KIOGE has served as a platform for presenting innovations in the oil and gas sector, supporting the efficient exchange of best practices, and drawing the attention of domestic and international companies to future development of the industry. For the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan is a strategic partner in the oil and gas industry, and the participation of Russian companies in the Exhibition is a reflection of the close historic links between Russia and Kazakhstan. By participating in this international exhibition and conference, Russian and Kazakhstani companies can fuel international cooperation, establish new business contacts, and promote further strengthening and development of partnerships.

I would like to wish all the exhibitors and visitors every success in their work.

Alexander Yakovlev
Trade Commissioner of the Russian Federation
in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Guests and Participants of KIOGE-2012,

Please allow me to welcome you to this very important exhibition and conference in the calendar of Kazakhstan.

Energy security, availability and the management and control of the price of energy is key to all governments and sectors of our modern society.

With the platform of the focus on Green Economy and Environmental Affairs continually rising, this exhibition and conference becomes even more important.

South Africa is seriously looking at various possibilities of joint cooperation with both private sector companies and public sector entities to explore joint explorations and investments in the Energy sector. We are also considering various channels of supply in this sector.

It is my pleasure to encourage the delegates and participants of this conference to begin to engage with companies in South Africa to consider possible opportunities in the energy sector.

I wish the organizers, delegates and participants every success in the exhibition and conference.

Shirish Manaklal Soni
Ambassador of South Africa to Kazakhstan

Dear participants and visitors at KIOGE

On behalf of the Republic of Korea it is my great pleasure to address participants and visitors of the 20th Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference KIOGE 2012.

Industrial structures of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea complement each other. The Republic of Korea imports almost all the necessary raw materials for industry, while industry in Kazakhstan is concentrated in the energy sector such as crude oil and natural gas. Therefore, Kazakhstan endeavors to diversify the industrial structure, promoting industrial innovation plan.

President of the Republic of Korea's economic philosophy is to share experience of economic growth with partner countries and try to achieve co-growth. Korean government and businesses make every effort to become a true partner of Kazakhstan.

One real example is building of Drilling Barge for Zhambyl oil field exploration. Korea has the world's leading shipbuilding industry and the highest level of shipbuilding technology. Talented engineers and workers from Kazakhstan and Korea cooperated together and made one of the world's best Drilling Barge.

I would like to note with great satisfaction the continuous development of the cooperative relationship between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Kazakhstan and I look forward to the further strengthening of our bilateral relations in the years to come.

I hope KIOGE 2012 will be an exciting arena in which creative ideas and fruitful contacts are abundant, and we will continue to meet and bring inspired people together in forums like this, to ensure Kazakhstan remains at the cutting edge.

Baik, Joohyeon
Ambassador of the Republic of Korea

Dear guests and KIOGE participants,

On behalf of the Turkish Embassy in Astana, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 20th Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference - KIOGE.

Kazakhstan has displayed a remarkable progress in the economic sphere in a relatively short period of 21 years after its independence and has consolidated its place as a key player in the energy sector. The constantly growing number of KIOGE exhibitors is indicative of the growing influence of Kazakhstan on the world oil and gas markets.

I am glad to note that the economic relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan continue to develop and diversify. I believe KIOGE will serve as an important platform to further develop our cooperation in the energy sector.

I am confident that partnership relations established during the exhibition will be followed by new successful projects.

I wish success and fruitful partnership to all the participants.

Yours sincerely,

Ömer Burhan Tüzel
Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey
to the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the United States of America, I am very pleased to welcome you to KIOGE 2012.

Almost from the very start of Kazakhstani independence, U.S. companies have played a leading role in Kazakhstan’s energy sector and remain committed to contributing to Kazakhstan’s future development by supplying the highest quality products and services to the Kazakhstani market. Our companies bring to Kazakhstan the most sophisticated technologies and are committed to the highest safety and environmental standards. Their Investments here have also made an important contribution in developing Kazakhstan’s human capital.

Kazakhstan has enjoyed great success on the upstream side of energy development, and the coming years should usher in new gains in production and the expansion of Kazakhstan’s midstream and downstream energy infrastructure. The United States strongly supports Kazakhstan as an independent, prosperous and increasingly democratic nation that is playing an important role on the world stage. We particularly want to work with Kazakhstan as it works toward the goal of becoming a self-sufficient energy producer and consumer with the ability to supply markets in the east, south and west. For its part, Kazakhstan recognizes that foreign investment essential to the further development of its oil and gas resources, and it understands the need to provide a reliable partner that adheres to contract sanctity and the rule of law.

KIOGE offers another venue that fosters understanding and promotes an exchange of ideas and technologies that support sustainable development of resources. It is an event with a proud heritage that I am pleased to support, and I wish you all a successful exhibition and conference.

Kenneth J. Fairfax
U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome the exhibitors and visitors of KIOGE 2012, the 20th Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference.

The fact that KIOGE is being organised for the 20th time is a testament to Kazakhstan’s growing role in the global energy balance.

KIOGE is an effective platform for establishing direct commercial links, for learning about the industry’s global trends and prospects, and for launching new projects.

The relationship between Ukraine and Kazakhstan in the oil and gas sector is a priority in terms of bilateral relations, and dozens of Ukrainian companies take part in KIOGE every year. We welcome the expansion of contacts between Ukrainian and Kazakhstani partners, and we hope for this to be strengthened in the future.

I would like to wish all the exhibitors and visitors every success in their contracts, projects and ideas.

H.E. Oleg Demin
Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear guests and KIOGE participants,

On behalf of European Business Association of Kazakhstan, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 20th Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference, KIOGE. We hope that the exhibition will be a rewarding and useful experience for you.

The oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan plays a significant role in the country's industrial structure. KIOGE is one of the most important events in Kazakhstan for professionals in the oil & gas industry. Every year, the exhibition brings together leading manufacturers and distributors of oil & gas equipment and enterprises from Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign countries, and provides them with an opportunity to learn about latest developments in the industry. The conference, which takes place alongside the exhibition, will identify the needs of Kazakh businesses and areas for further development.

We have great confidence that partnership relations established during the exhibition, and the conference will be followed by new successful projects.

On behalf of European Business Association of Kazakhstan, we thank ITE Group Plc and their partner in Kazakhstan Iteca Ltd., for their contribution to relations between EU and Kazakhstan, and organising the 20th KIOGE 2012.

We wish success and fruitful partnership to all the participants!

Sincerely yours,

Alper Akdeniz
EUROBAK Chairman

Julie Kussidi
EUROBAK Executive Director/ Board Member

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the organising committee of KIOGE 2012, I would like to warmly welcome you to the 20th Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference.

KIOGE is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Throughout this period, the exhibition has been an indicator of growth in the oil and gas sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan, presenting experience and the latest achievements year on year.

The organisers of KIOGE 2012 - the Kazakhstani exhibition company Iteca and its international partner ITE Group plc - would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the government bodies, media representatives and all the exhibitors for their continued support of the event. Thanks to this longstanding cooperation, KIOGE continues to develop and contribute to further development in Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry.

Leading oil and gas companies from Kazakhstan and 30 countries take part in the exhibition and conference, including regular participants alongside companies discovering the potential of Kazakhstan’s oil and gas market for the first time.

We hope that KIOGE 2012’s broad business programme will open up new opportunities for cooperation for its participants and that it will contribute to the future prosperity of your business.

Please allow me to wish all the exhibitors and visitors a productive time at KIOGE.

KIOGE 2012 organising committee