Welcome Letters 2013

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
On behalf of the Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome the participants and visitors of KIOGE 2013, the 21st Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference.
Kazakhstan is currently one of the leading countries in the Eurasian region, and its successfully-developing oil and gas industry plays a dominating role in the process of strengthening the stability of the Republic's international and regional position. The country's oil and gas industry is on a trajectory of sustainable growth.
Large-scale projects in exploration, production and processing of raw materials are being successfully carried out, and an innovative development model is being actively introduced. In the future, Kazakhstan will significantly strengthen its position in the global oil and gas balance.
The KIOGE event has been created as a specialised platform for exchange of experience, solving pressing industry issues, and meetings between producers, consumers and investors.
The event's main mission has always been and remains an opportunity for demonstrating the industry's latest achievements, intensively exchanging of experience, introducing advanced innovative technologies, and opening up new horizons for cooperation between international and Kazakhstani companies. Having successfully passed the twenty-year mark, KIOGE will continue to laudably carry out the mission it has been assigned.
I would like to wish all the participants and visitors of the KIOGE exhibition and conference productive work and every success and prosperity.
Uzakbai Suleimenovich Karabalin
Minister of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
I am glad to welcome the exhibitors and participants to the 21st International KIOGE 2013 exhibition and conference in Almaty city!
Kazakhstan has secured the status of oil and gas empire. In this respect KIOGE is a meeting place for officials and analysts, suppliers and customers, place to discuss and address issues of partnership and future projects.
The growing success of the exhibition is evident, with annual growth of the number of exhibitors and visitors, which demonstrates the clear interest of foreign and local partners to the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan.
I am confident that KIOGE 2013 conference will become the center for discussion of the status and prospects of the oil and gas complex and related industries.
I wish all the exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition fruitful work and successful deals!
Mayor of Almaty city
Akhmetzhan Yessimov

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
On behalf of the National Company "KazMunayGas" I welcome the participants and guests of the 21th Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Technology Conference "Oil and Gas - KIOGE 2013".
Being almost the same age as the independent Kazakhstan, KIOGE all this time provides a unique platform to discuss important issues of the fuel and energy complex for professionals and managers of leading international and national oil companies, international organizations and financial institutions. The authoritative international forum provides an opportunity of dialogue for professionals of public and private sectors in oil and gas industry, allows to make specific decisions and to achieve concrete agreements.
Our company always gives official support to the exhibition and conference KIOGE, acting as one of the most active participants.
Today, the Forum bringing together representatives over five hundred companies from twenty states provides an excellent opportunity to identify its position in the market, maintains existing business relationships and establishes new partnerships to meet the leading players in the oil and gas industry. For anyone who is looking for new technological solutions and is interested in new oil and gas equipment and machinery, there is a large field for cooperation and exchange of experience.
Topics entered for discussion in the conference and other events of the forum are always interesting and relevant. It especially connected with new technologies in oil production, oil and gas transportation and processing. Information trends of recent times are the problems of energy security and stability in the energy markets. The interaction issues in such a promising area as high-tech and innovative technology are also important.
I am convinced that during this event the conversation of industry experts will continue on trends in the global market, the markets of Kazakhstan and the Caspian region as a whole.
Welcoming the participants and guests of the professional forum of oilmen, I express confidence that the days of the Exhibition and Conference "Oil and Gas - KIOGE 2013" will be useful for everyone.
I wish fruitful work, meetings and discussions for the KIOGE-2013 participants!
Chairman of the Board
National Company "KazMunayGas" JSC

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
On behalf of the Union of Service Companies of Kazakhstan, I am pleased to welcome exhibitors and visitors of the KIOGE
2013 exhibition and conference. Over the years since its launch, the event has established itself as one of the largest and most significant in the Eurasian region.
Across the days KIOGE is held, hundreds of companies have an opportunity to present their products and services to potential clients and partners. The event definitely promotes development of the oil and gas business through organising an effective platform for representatives of domestic companies, international companies and government bodies to meet and discuss the industry’s most topical issues.

One of the goals of the Union of Service Companies of Kazakhstan is to develop the potential of the service business by increasing the competitiveness of domestic companies and attracting Kazakhstani service companies to major oil and gas projects.
The Union of Service Companies of Kazakhstan combines around 70 domestic large and mid-sized oil service companies and acts as an information and dialogue platform where topical issues in the industry are discussed and solved.

As KIOGE brings together international and domestic companies, international partners can be attracted at the exhibition to organise new industrial facilities in Kazakhstan, with domestic companies participating. I believe that KIOGE absolutely helps these goals to be achieved, as participants in the event are both major global players and companies that have just begun their operations.

I hope that this year KIOGE will take place at an unchangingly high standard. Also, I would like to wish all exhibitors and visitors productive work and every success.

Zhandarbek Kakishev
Presidium of the Union of Service Companies of Kazakhstan

Welcome to this year's KIOGE. This will be the first time that I have attended since arriving in Kazakhstan earlier this year. So I'm looking forward to the presentations at the Conference and to meeting the exhibitors.
Events such as KIOGE meet an important need in the energy sector. KIOGE provides a platform for informed debate and the circulation of information; and it encourages the development of business links which ultimately benefit the sector in Kazakhstan as a whole. So I'm delighted that it is a British firm – ITE – which is responsible for KIOGE's success over the 21 years in which it has taken place.
The United Kingdom has long been a partner of choice for Kazakhstan in the oil and gas sector since independence in 1991. Two UK companies are major shareholders in the Kashagan (Shell) and Karachaganak (BG Group) projects. In addition to this, there are over 100 UK small and medium enterprises which are key suppliers in the oil services supply chain in Kazakhstan. Increasingly, UK companies' participation in providing oil and gas services is by means of partnering with Kazakh companies in the form of joint ventures. Last month I was delighted to accompany the Chairman of the Kazakhstan National Advisory Committee on Developing Local Content, together with a number of Kazakh engineering firms, to Aberdeen in order to meet with UK world-class expertise and to encourage the formation of more joint ventures between British and Kazakh firms. The role that such SMEs play is crucial for the safe, environmentally friendly, efficient, and profitable work of the major oil and gas projects here in Kazakhstan.
With oil reserves of 30 billion barrels Kazakhstan is a key country in the world's ongoing quest for hydrocarbon resources. Kazakhstan already supplies a significant amount of oil to world markets and this will only increase as large and exciting projects such as Kashagan come on-stream.
Britain has rightly gained a reputation for international excellence in oil and gas services. We look forward to continuing to work with Kazakhstan companies for many years to come.
I wish you all a productive and fruitful conference.
H.E. Dr Carolyn Browne
Her Majesty's Ambassador
Dear participants and guests of KIOGE,
It is a pleasure for me to welcome all exhibitors, conference participants and guests to the Kazakhstan International Oil&Gas Exhibition and Conference (KIOGE) 2013.
The EU is Kazakhstan's biggest trading partner, with about 40% share of total external trade. Three quarters of Kazakhstan exports to the EU are oil and gas, and Kazakhstan has been a reliable energy partner for the EU over the past decade.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of EU-Kazakhstan diplomatic relations. During the last decade our cooperation has expanded in trade, economic cooperation, energy, transport, environment and other areas. When European Commission President Barroso visited Astana in June, he emphasised the importance of our partnership and confirmed the commitment to a new era in EU-Kazakhstan relations with the conclusion of a new enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement.
Kazakhstan-EU cooperation on energy is based on a common commitment to modernisation and innovation , with delivery of high technology and know how by European companies active in the oil and gas sector. The EU and its Member States are happy to share their experience. EU and Kazakhstan companies work together to develop this country's natural resources. The upcoming entry into production of the Kashagan oil field, one of the largest energy projects in the world, is a symbol of Kazakhstan's achievements and potential. Foreign investment is not just about new financial resources. It means sharing of know-how and expertise, building links to the global economy.
The EU is a dynamic and growing market for Kazakhstan companies, and is the largest single regional energy market in the world. There are many business opportunities and strong mutual interest in developing them.
EXPO 2017 will take place in Astana, and will present more opportunities for Kazakhstan, in cooperation with Europe, in the field of new technologies and energy. We have a common interest in advancing innovation.
A lot has been achieved during the past year, but there is still a lot to be done. KIOGE 2013 will serve as one of the platforms to deepen EU-Kazakhstan dialogue in the energy field, and will help partners on both sides to increase their cooperation,.
I wish the organizers and all participants a very successful KIOGE 2013.
Aurelia Bouchez
Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Kazakhstan, accredited to the Republic of Turkmenistan

Dear participants and guests of KIOGE,
I am pleased to welcome you cordially to the KIOGE 2013 in Almaty.
KIOGE has made a name for itself as the major "Oil and Gas" exhibition and conference event in Kazakhstan and the countries of the Caspian Region, providing a wide range of opportunities for exhibitors, visitors and experts to get a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the oil and gas sector.
Not least due to Kazakhstan's most important and even growing role in the global oil and gas sector, KIOGE 2013 is well recognized on a regional level and from a global perspective and will bring together the leading players in the oil and gas market from Kazakhstan and worldwide anew.
German companies are again well represented and keen to offer you the latest technology and know-how made in Germany. Please assure yourself and pay a visit to the presentation of German exhibitors. It will be worth it.
I wish the organizers and all participants of the KIOGE 2013 an interesting and successful event.
Yours sincerely,

Dr. Guido Herz
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany

Dear participants and guests of KIOGE,
I would like to welcome you to KIOGE exhibition and conference organized by ITE Group plc from 1 to 4 October 2013 in Almaty. The exhibition continues to be the major match-making event for oil and gas industry professionals in Kazakhstan.
Earlier this year we saw the successful commencement of Bolashak refining facility in Atyrau. It would not be possible without collaboration with international experts and employment of foreign experience. Foreign companies bring along not only engineering solutions and efficient equipment, but also the best management practices, including corporate social responsibility issues.
The Dutch government has clear expectations of the business community when it comes to international CSR, starting with compliance with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. This code of conduct for the international business community has the support of all the OECD member states, and a growing number of other countries. The guidelines were drafted in cooperation with the business community, trade unions and civil society organisations. They address issues such as working conditions, the environment and corruption.
I am happy to see pavilions of Dutch companies at KIOGE and booths of Kazakhstan companies, local representatives of Dutch expertise and technologies. Indeed, the Netherlands and Kazakhstan have a longstanding positive record of partnership, especially when it comes to such activities involved in the supply industry, as engineering, field development, pipeline installation, maintenance, manufacturing and material & equipment supply, onshore as well as offshore.
I would like to thank ITE Group Plc for bringing together so many companies from all over the world and offering professionals an ideal opportunity for presentation of the new technologies and establishment of strategic partnerships.
I wish all companies success in their projects and endeavours!
Sincerely yours,
Peter van Leeuwen
Ambassador of the Netherlands

Dear Ladies and gentlemen,
On behalf of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan I would like to congratulate you on and welcome you to the opening of the 21st International Oil and Gas exhibition and conference-KIOGE 2013.
Each year the event brings together hundreds of exhibiting companies from different countries, several thousand scientists, managers and technical experts representing all areas of oil production and refining, petrochemicals, gas and oil and oil product transportation industries, ecologists and representatives of government agencies.
By participating in this exhibition and conference Russian and Kazakhstani companies are given the opportunity to fuel international cooperation, establish new business contacts and further strengthen and develop partnerships.
I would like to wish all the exhibitors and visitors every success in their work.
Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in
The Republic of Kazakhstan
Alexander Yakovlev

Dear Guests and Participants of KIOGE-2013,
On behalf of the South African Embassy in Kazakhstan, I am pleased to welcome you to the 21st Kazakhstan's International Oil and Gas Conference (KIOGE)-2013.
KIOGE is well-known amongst oil and gas industry players around the world, and plays a significant role in developing and strengthening relations and promotes the exchange of technologies and innovations between international companies and companies of Kazakhstan.
Globally all Governments are geared towards sustainable development, and while renewable energy is becoming more and more important, conventional energy like oil and gas and the development of this sector remain crucial for many countries, including Kazakhstan. In fact, a balance should be maintained between the two approaches to ensure an economic and healthy approach to our common future.
The commencement of oil production in Kashagan on 11 September 2013 opened a new chapter in the development of oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan.
May I take this opportunity to encourage companies of Kazakhstan to collaborate with South African companies in the energy sector. I strongly believe that this would be in our mutual interest.
I wish the organizers, delegates and participants every success in the conference.
Shirish Manaklal Soni
Ambassador of South Africa to Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to offer my sincere congratulations for the 21st of KIOGE - the largest oil and gas event in Kazakhstan.
First of all, I would like to congratulate that the first barrels of oil were produced from the giant Kashagan field in the North Caspian Sea on 11 September 2013. Japanese company INPEX has been participating in the project for a long time. It is expected that the production rate in the initial period would reach to 180,000 barrels per day, then to 370,000 b/d in the first phase. The oil production from Kashagan contributes not only to the development of Kazakhstan economy but also to the energy security in Japan and the world.
Secondly, I am pleased the steady progress of the Phase 3 of Atyrau Refinery Modernization Project, participated by Japanese trading company MARUBENI. The Atyrau Refinery is the largest refinery in Kazakhstan, and this modernization enables the production of oil products suiting for high environmental standards (EURO5).
Both projects are very important large scale projects in the oil and gas sectors in Kazakhstan and I am sure that the success of them will lead to more interest and investment from Japanese business community to these sectors in Kazakhstan.
KIOGE has contributed to attracting investments and encouraging the introduction of new technologies. I sincerely hope that the KIOGE 2013 will be successful in contributing to the further development of the oil and gas sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
On behalf of the Embassy of the United States of America, it is my pleasure to welcome you to KIOGE 2013.
Kazakhstan is a country of great promise, with abundant natural resources and a broad array of investment and business opportunities. U.S. companies believed in Kazakhstan's promise from the moment of independence and invested substantially in the energy and other sectors, contributing significantly to Kazakhstan's national development goals. U.S. companies bring with them the world's most advanced technologies in production, safety, and environmental protection. Those companies remain committed to Kazakhstan's future, providing the highest quality services and products to the country's human capital.
The recent announcement of the start of production at the Kashagan oil field is yet another success of upstream energy development in Kazakhstan, and plans are currently under way to expand midstream and downstream production. The United States continues working with Kazakhstan to become a fully self-sufficient energy producer and to diversify its markets both domestically and across all of its borders. As Kazakhstan continues its impressive economic growth, which is expanding the prosperity of its people, the United States remains a strategic partner and supports the country's increasingly important role on the world stage.
KIOGE continues its tradition as an event that promotes sustainable resource development, in which participants openly exchange ideas and learn about innovative technologies. I am proud to support this event, and I wish you all a successful exhibition and conference.
Michael S. Klecheski
Chargé d'Affaires a.i., Embassy of the United States of America

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
On behalf of the Steering Committee of KIOGE 2013 let me welcome you to the 21st Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference.
For more than twenty years KIOGE is one of the leading business events in the Eurasian region, its participants are the leading companies in the field of exploration, oil production, transportation, refining, oilfield services and many others. Thus, the exhibition aims to demonstrate the fast growth of one of the key sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan.
The organizers of KIOGE 2013, that is Kazakhstan Exhibition Company Iteca and its international partner ITE Group Plc (UK), are incredibly glad for the 21st time to welcome the participants of the event. Let me also express my gratitude for the annual support to the Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC "National Company" KazMunaiGas ", Akimat of Almaty city, Association of service companies of Kazakhstan" KazService ", KIOGE partners, the Trade and Commerce Chambers in Kazakhstan, the diplomatic missions of the participating countries and representatives of the media. Our long-standing collaboration facilitates the development of KIOGE and attracts more and more interesting participants, allows discussing the most pressing issues.
This year the exhibition and conference KIOGE will be attended by companies from more than 30 countries. It is gratifying to note that along with the large multinational corporations there are also new comers in the oil and gas market, and it proves the fact that KIOGE remains to be interactive and efficient business platform, which gives an opportunity for young companies to take a sure start.
All the efforts of a large KIOGE team always focused on trying to make this event even more meaningful and interesting. This year, we offer our members an extensive business program and several organizational innovations that will help to create a comfortable business environment. We hope that the current KIOGE will help to establish new business contacts, lucrative contracts and thereby stimulate the development of the oil and gas industry.
Let me wish all the participants and guests of KIOGE 2013 effective work and achievement of their goals. I would also like to express the hope that KIOGE will bring us together for many years.
Graeme S. Coombes -
Head of Oil & Gas Division, ITE Group Plc