Kanat Nurbek, Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas JSC:

We are from KIOG company - Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas, we are engaged in design in various fields, but mainly in the field of oil and gas. We visited the exhibition in order to get acquainted, find out what new companies are on the market and what they represent. We just arrived, but already very impressed. While we getting acquainted, we did not have time to visit the entire exhibition. At the moment we want to find companies with whom we could cooperate. Today, we have identified a number of companies with which partnerships are possible.

Yerlan Amirov, Oil City:

This is my first time visiting the KIOGE exhibition. I am very pleased with the organization of this exhibition, because it provides an opportunity to discuss projects, introduce ourselves, and also find out what new products are available in our field - in the field of oil equipment supply, what trends currently exist in the world. I noticed that the composition of the participants is very diverse, it pleases. There were many representatives of near and far abroad, but there were fewer participants from Chinese companies. We would like more representatives from China next year. Since now the production of Chinese plants, their products are relevant in the supply of oil equipment for oil and oil field services companies. In general, we are grateful to the organizers of the exhibition.

Arnur Sekenov, Trust Technologies LLP:

I visit this exhibition for the third time, I like everything very much. I found my potential customers, with whom I am currently negotiating, the feedback is excellent. This year there is a large range of participants of the exhibition. I would like even more representatives from Kazakhstan. Since we only aim at the market of our country. I like everything in the exhibition, I have no complaints.

Shyngys Kydyrsikhov, NIPIneftegas JSC:

We have been visiting KIOGE every year, exactly for about 5 years. We participated many times, both as participants and visitors. This is an international exhibition where worldwide companies take part, where you can always find what you are looking for. I work at the NIPIneftegas design institute and am looking for suppliers. The exhibition provides an opportunity, without using the resources of the Internet, to visually see, get acquainted with companies, exchange contacts.

Olga Petrunina, Penza Design and Technological Bureau of Fittings Construction CJSC:

I really like the KIOGE exhibition. I think that such exhibitions must be held, and I try to visit events in the oil and gas sector on a regular basis whenever possible. A feature of such platforms is the consolidation in one place - customers, partners, product manufacturers. Also, it is possible to get advice from highly qualified specialists and take part in seminars with industry experts at the exhibition.



The exhibition is a good opportunity to establish partnerships, assess the potential, regions of our country and foreign countries. It will help to understand trends and new technologies better and used in the energy sectors and for our region, West Kazakhstan, which is an oil and gas region.

The atmosphere of the exhibition is very good, there are many interesting people, many fruitful sessions, round tables, interesting companies are represented, with whom we managed to negotiate, and in the future visit their enterprises, and I think it will work out after this exhibition.
We visit the exhibition every year and I’m glad to see that the exhibition takes place in different cities: in Almaty, in Nur-Sultan. We hope that the exhibition will continue to be beneficial for our industry. It is pleasant that the exhibition was held in the new congress center, everything was organized at the highest level. In general, many useful meetings are yet to come. Therefore, I wish you good luck, success and new achievements.


First of all, I came to the KIOGE exhibition in order to talk with old friends, market professionals, new people, exhibitors, and at the same time to learn news, trends, share useful information and, of course, talk about my activities. Just today at 4:30 pm, I will be giving a seminar on: “Looking at environmental issues through the eyes of The Ecolomist”. Therefore, I think that today's exhibition is a good opportunity to and discuss new opportunities.

The level of organization of the event, as always, at the highest level, since the potential, competence, and professionalism that have already been accumulated over the years allow holding large-scale events even after a long coronavirus pause, in connection with which I think that the level with a discount for the fact that there was a pandemic, and certain sanitary and epidemiological requirements at a very high level.

I have been attending the KIOGE exhibition since 2011 - for 10 years now, I have not missed a single event, and therefore, being a partner, a friend of KIOGE, I believe that this is the best exhibition. It is a pity that all this takes place in a slightly truncated format, but, nevertheless, I try not to miss the exhibition.
The general impression from visiting the exhibition remains the same as before, first of all - this is autumn, autumn is always associated with KIOGE, although, of course, we always held it in Almaty, and this is our good and old Intercontinental and the Atakent exhibition, but, nevertheless, the new format of the exhibition in Nur-Sultan in the new exhibition center does not detract from the scale and does not at smooth out any moments associated with the exhibition, so I think that everything was great.