Botagoz Marabayeva, KazTransOil:

The KIOGE exhibition was held at a high level. As always, KIOGE provides an excellent platform for companies and potential suppliers to connect directly. We are happy with our participation.

Ablaikhan Toguzbayev, KAZPETRODRILLING:

We are exhibiting at the KIOGE for the first time in a long time. I liked everything very much, the organization is at the highest level. We liked the fact that we found additional partners who will help achieve our goals in efficient production. We found suppliers of goods, not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. We were also able to find potential customers who learned about us and became interested in our products. We were lucky with the location of our stand at the main entrance. The interest of the audience was very great, visitors stopped, were interested, learned about our company. There were a couple of detailed meetings where certain volumes were discussed.
The main purpose of participating in the exhibition is the presentation of our company, marketing. We were pleasantly surprised to learn about manufacturers in Kazakhstan, which we did not know about before, who offered us certain services. We were looking for them abroad, it turned out that they are also in Kazakhstan. We plan to take part in this exhibition on a regular basis.

Yelena Yasinova, AVC Group:

Impressions of the KIOGE exhibition - we have something to compare with, last year we visited this exhibition in Astana, this year for the first time in Almaty. Since our head office is located in Almaty, it was easier. I would like to note the number of visitors, this year there are much more of them than in previous years, even before the pandemic. Our company has received many interesting contacts, expanded its base of suppliers, communication and acquaintances. We have strengthened the relationship with our regular partners. As for the organization, I would like to thank you for the hot meals. Because this is the first time in my experience of visiting exhibitions. Thanks to this, I did not have to leave the pavilion for a long time, to look for an institution nearby.
Regarding the composition of the participants, we met both our partners and competitors. The exhibition creates an atmosphere of friendliness. If we compete with companies at a distance, here it is considered as a partnership. And most often today’s competitors become tomorrow’s partners. The exhibition blurs sharp lines between companies and helps to establish a connection. It also gives us the opportunity to see partners, with whom you are negotiating remotely, in person. This contributes to better communications in the future. Live communication will never replace anything, and this is probably what we all missed.

Alina Tasmagambetova, LUKOIL Lubricants Central Asia LLP:

This is not the first time our company - LUKOIL LUBRICANTS CENTRAL ASIA takes part in the KIOGE exhibition. We are always happy to be part of the project, because here we are gaining a large customer base. During the three days of the exhibition, many negotiations were held, additional agreements with customers on further cooperation were received. We have informed a large number of people about our products. Many customers did not know that our plant is located in Kazakhstan, but thanks to the KIOGE exhibition, they were able to get to know us.
Our main goal was to draw attention to our company - LUKOIL LUBRICANTS CENTRAL ASIA, to our products - motor oils, oils for various industrial areas. All goals were achieved in 3 days. And in the future we will be very glad to participate in this exhibition.

Mansur Yanberdin, Ufagidromash LLC:

Our company - UFAGIDROMASH takes part in the KIOGE exhibition for the first time. For us, the most important thing was new acquaintances, new potential customers, whom we could find here, and agree on cooperation. There were companies ready to take our equipment immediately from the exhibition. But since this is stand equipment, this is not possible. We will bring all the equipment to order later. Regarding the audience, there was a lot of interest from the students. There are 6 people working at our stand, and we explained everything to the students and answered their questions. There were also a lot of profile visitors. Regarding the organization - everything is at the highest level, the professionalism of the organizers is felt.

Serdar Durukan, AKSA Power Jeneration:

We, AKSA KAZAKHSTAN, participate in this exhibition every year. AKSA KAZAKHSTAN is a Turkish brand, which is known in more than 170 countries, we have more than 25 own foreign offices. We have 2 offices in Kazakhstan: one in Almaty and one in Atyrau. We are satisfied with the exhibition. As leaders in market in our field, we annually participate in this exhibition, welcome our customers, receive new applications. Today at the exhibition we are demonstrating two stands: one inside and one outside. We received applications for the purchase of our new equipment, which we presented here, but the process is not fast, negotiations are still underway, we hope for positive results.

Olzhas Baigozhin, KROHNE:

In connection with the recent events regarding the pandemic, many participants missed events of this kind. The number of visitors significantly exceeds previous years. People needed it, all industry experts came to visit this exhibition. There were preliminary agreements, we promptly processed many requests on-site, the volume of work increased even more. It is good to have work. There are no direct contracts yet, but it is expected in the future.

Vitaliy Ryzhkov, Polati:

We are taking part in the KIOGE exhibition for the first time, although we have been working in Kazakhstan for two years. The exhibition for us is definitely profile, as the main major players in the oil and gas sector are represented here. Our main product is a service, services for installation of scaffolding, insulation, anti-corrosion protection and industrial high rise works. For us, the exhibition is interesting, our stand aroused great interest from both visitors and participants. We will be able to make final conclusions after the exhibition, having worked out all the contacts received. But within the framework of the exhibition, we have scheduled many meetings, upon returning to Atyrau we will work out all the agreements and hope that they will develop into cooperation that is beneficial for all parties.