Opinions of participants of KIOGE 2018

Bekbosyn Shyngys Erkinbekuly,
Director of Total SERVICE LLP

BekbosynIn the exhibition KIOGE we participate for the first time. Already now we can note the excellent organization of the exhibition! We would like to express our special gratitude to the organizers, Kioge is a very good platform for producers and consumers of the oil and gas industry. This is a good chance for our company to show itself, to show our products, to communicate directly with visitors, consumers, colleagues, with suppliers of various technologies that we use in our work.

The main goal of our participation is the search for new consumers, new sales channels. Among other things, we want to find new partners, see competitors, learn about new production technologies that will allow us to optimize our production base and cut costs, which means that we will become more competitive. And we are sure that participation in the exhibition will help us in this. After all, despite the fact that the exhibition has just begun, we already have two applications, we see a keen interest of visitors to our stand. Basically, these are representatives of Kazakhstani oil companies. I think that participation in the exhibition was an excellent solution!

Kairat Alibekov
Managing Director for Commercial Issues, Kirov Factory JSC

AlibekovFour years ago our company took part in KIOGE. Then the company changed its sphere of activity a little, but since 2015 we have returned to the oil and gas industry and started to work in the field of production of protection blocks for oil spillovers. This year we are already participating in exhibitions for the fourth time. And I want to point out the high organization of the exhibition. The registration area for participants and visitors is fairly well distributed. In general, I very much hope that the exhibition will be productive for us, because to realize the goals that we set before the exhibition, everything is necessary.

Although the exhibition has just begun, and while we managed to meet only with old customers, we are confident that the next three days of the exhibition will bring us new contacts and contracts.

As practice shows, the exhibition usually has more sellers than buyers, and this is normal. But our company is considering the KIOGE site from two positions: firstly, we can see here what our competitors, especially foreign companies, offer, and secondly, here it is possible to get an experience of direct communication with customers and clients who are looking for some kind of information, then new solutions and projects.

Vladislav Kisil,
Sales Engineer, ITT Flygt

KisilOver the past five years, we have participated in KIOGE every year. Of course, it is too early to say anything specific about the results of participation, but the first day has already shown the active interest of customers. The number of visitors is increasing.

We produce pumps, therefore participation in such exhibitions is a necessity for us. It is extremely important for us to be always in touch with the main players of the market, to be aware of the latest developments. And with other manufacturers - competitors also need to keep in touch. KIOGE is a good reason to meet with old customers, update contacts, restore old ties. It is not possible to sign contracts at the exhibition, due to the peculiarity of our sphere. But to reach preliminary agreements, sketch out joint projects, ideas - without ceremony.

Isayev Alexey,
Regional Manager for Business Development in the CIS, VELAN

IsaevIn KIOGE, we have been participating since 2009 and are pleased to come here every year. At the exhibition, those who firmly hold their positions in the market gather.

In our business - the main thing is to maintain established relationships with customers. Always be in sight, as often as possible to remind yourself. As such, we do not establish new contacts, but we support and strengthen existing ones. At KIOGE, we with partners solve joint tasks, we discuss already working projects, ideas. So, for example, recently we opened a representative office in Kazakhstan. We plan to expand our production, and therefore it is important for us to get acquainted and keep in touch with local companies.