Welcome Letters 2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I am happy to welcome exhibitors and guests of the 18th Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference - KIOGE 2011!

The year of 2011 is marked by an event of importance for Kazakhstan: the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. I am proud that during its independent years, our country has achieved striking results in economy that no other country in the world could have achieved within such a short period of time.

Today, Kazakhstan is a leading country in the Eurasian region, and the successful development of the oil and gas industry is critical for the country’s international and regional stability.

Kazakhstan’s membership in the Common Economic Space opens up new vistas for the country, as well as opportunities to expand business both in the raw material sector and non-resource industry. Formation of the Common Economic Space for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan aims to expedite integration of the three countries’ economies and businesses. Once the CES has been established, their territories will become a common market with free movement of goods, capital, manpower, and services.

In the early independence years, the Kazakhstan forum KIOGE was set up as a special venue to exchange experiences, resolve pressing issues, and arrange meetings between manufacturers, consumers and investors. The mission of the event has always included demonstration of the latest achievements in the sector, intensive exchange experiences, introduction of advanced and innovative technologies, and enhancement of cooperation between foreign and local companies. Time tells that the goals have been achieved - KIOGE has turned into a timely and indispensable event for development of the oil and gas industry. The scale and high status of the event are based on the work jointly done by government bodies, national companies, exhibitors and organisers.

May all exhibitors and guests of KIOGE Exhibition and Conference enjoy an efficient work, success and prosperity!

Sauat M. Mynbayev
Minister of Oil and Gas
Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Exhibitors and Guests,

On behalf of the Almaty City Akimat, I would like to welcome exhibitors, guests and organisers of the 19th Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference - KIOGE 2011.

The exhibition of this level is the most efficient form of market interaction, presentation of one’s achievements and opportunities. The exhibition is a place for colleagues and partners to meet and provides a strong basis for establishing a constructive cooperation.

We value this event as it allows demonstrating the economic potential of Kazakhstan and other countries.

I am sure that meetings and negotiations under KIOGE 2011 will enhance the image of Kazakhstan as one of the most reliable suppliers of oil and gas.

May all KIOGE 2011 exhibitors succeed in their professional activities and achieve their goals during this event!

Akhmetzhan Yesimov,
Mayor of Almaty City

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of KazMunaiGas National Company, I would like to welcome exhibitors and guests of the 19th Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference - KIOGE 2011.

Notably, this year’s KIOGE 2011 Exhibition and Conference is held in tandem with the 6th KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum.

Since the very beginning, KazMunaiGas Group has taken part and provided official support for KIOGE. In these years, KIOGE has become a professional exhibition project and an effective venue for integration of experience and establishing of good contacts. Every year, KIOGE is attended by more than 600 exhibiting companies from 30 countries, as well as scientists, manufacturers and managers from all areas of the oil and gas industry.

Development of business links between oil and gas companies provides extensive potential for further collaboration between Kazakhstan and the world’s leading countries and enhancing this potential. It is important that the oncoming KIOGE conference will be discussing interaction both in traditional areas and promising areas such as high-tech and innovative technologies.

The problem of energy security and stability in energy markets is just as important. In this respect, I am sure that the upcoming open exchange of opinions will be useful for all conference participants.

One of the main topics of this year’s KIOGE 2011 will be celebration of the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. I would like to note that in this anniversary year, the oil and gas industry has a few important historic dates: 100 years of Dossor Field, 50 years of Mangystau oil, and 25 years of Kumkol Field.

I am sure that the extensive exhibition agenda will be of interest for specialists, contribute significantly in the development of partnerships between oil and gas companies, and enhance business relations and joint projects.

May you enjoy a constructive communication, new business contacts and all the best!

K. Kabyldin
Chairperson of the Board

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of KAZENERGY Association, I extend my warmest greetings to all exhibitors and guests of the 19th Kazakhstan International Exhibition and Conference KIOGE 2011.

Being a dynamic hydrocarbon producer and exporter, Kazakhstan places special emphasis on the development of a sector-wise dialogue as an important condition for sustainable growth of oil and gas production, investment prospects and strengthening of business contacts.

In the year of the 20th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan, we are confident that active interrelation between the government and business, domestic and foreign companies and organisations contributes to economical, social and technical progress of our country, gives new solutions for sustainable development, and improves the atmosphere of trust and collaboration.

Two leading complementary platforms – KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum and KIOGE Conference – play a key role in this process.

KAZENERGY enjoys the status of a sector-wise dialogue platform. Such strategic issues like energy complex performance, related problems of global and regional development including geopolitics and security, investment and innovative cooperation, environmentally friendly development and many others are discussed at KAZENERGY. Politicians, businessmen, scientists and experts who determine development vectors of the global and domestic power industry traditionally participate in the Forum.

KIOGE, in turn, is a unique showcase demonstrating technological progress of the oil and gas sector, advanced innovations, know-how and examples of the achieved progress. This event gives an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts, exchange experiences and innovative technologies and provides favourable conditions for promising cooperation between Kazakhstan and foreign specialised institutes and centres. Many members of KAZENERGY Association are regular KIOGE exhibitors and participants.

I hope than KAZENERGY Association and ITECA will continue their fruitful cooperation contributing to further progress of Kazakhstan’s energy complex.

I wish all exhibitors and guests of KIOGE 2011 fruitful collaboration, professional and business success, new ideas and achievements!

Sincerely yours,
Zhambulat Sarsenov,
General Director

I am delighted to welcome the exhibitors, conference participants and guests to KIOGE 2011, organised by the UK’s ITE Group in concert with its Kazakhstani partner, ITECA.

The KIOGE exhibition and conference are major events for the energy industry and Kazakhstan, which bring together companies from Britain and many other parts of the world. This year is special: the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence. There is much to celebrate. Over the past two decades Kazakhstan has transformed itself into a modern 21st century country. Efforts to promote a stable and predictable investment climate remain the most effective way to build on this foundation.

The Kazakh government’s 2020 agenda to modernise, diversify and innovate offers an exciting platform for foreign firms and joint ventures to launch new commercial enterprises. Creating jobs for Kazakh nationals is both cost effective for international enterprises and a high priority for the government in Astana. Britain continues to be very well placed, with our open and business-friendly environment, our tradition of innovation in many spheres and our international outlook. In Kazakhstan, UK companies have frequently led the way in supporting skills and capacity development across a range of sectors, including oil and gas, financial services and education.

Last month’s meeting of the Kazakhstan - Britain Trade & Industry Council (KBTIC) in Astana reaffirmed the commitment on both sides to develop what is already a very strong and profitable business relationship. The delegation from the UK including leading business representatives in financial and business services, education and skills development, industrialisation and innovation sectors. We are now looking forward to a similar high level event involving senior Kazakh political and business figures in London later this year.

When Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg attended the OSCE Summit in Astana last December, he brought with him the most senior British official responsible for promoting trade and investment. This demonstrated our conviction that Kazakhstan remains an important commercial partner for Britain. Our two Foreign Ministers were able to discuss this when they met in London this summer. Our strong participation at the exhibition and conference is further evidence of this. I am sure that the formal sessions and the many informal networking meetings will provide valuable opportunities to discuss the opportunities and challenges of Kazakhstan’s energy sector.

I wish the organisers, participants and visitors a successful KIOGE 2011.

David Moran
Her Majesty’s Ambassador

Ladies and gentlemen,
exhibitors and participants, visitors and organizers,

It gives me great pleasure to address to the KIOGE 2011 19th International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference in Almaty a cordial word of welcome.

This event has, over the years, firmly established itself as the leading exhibition in the oil & gas sector for the whole region. Again, it will bring together the leading players in the oil and gas market from Kazakhstan and worldwide, attesting to the important and growing role Kazakhstan is playing in this field even from a global perspective.

For the Economy of Kazakhstan, this sector is of crucial importance, contributing greatly to overall economic development and technological progress. The KIOGE 2011 19th International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference is, therefore, eagerly awaited by exhibitors, visitors and experts in the field from Kazakhstan and from all over the world as an important opportunity to exchange information and opinions on the latest trends and challenges in Kazakhstans's energy sector.

I cordially invite all participants and visitors to also pay a visit to the “German Pavilion” as the joint presentation of what the Federal Republic of Germany has to offer in this sector, as well as to the individual stalls of German companies.

I wish the organizers and all participants of the KIOGE 2011 an interesting and successful event!


Dr. Gerold Amelung
Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Almaty

Dear KIOGE Participants,

On behalf of the Embassy of France to Kazakhstan, I would like to wish a warm welcome to all participants, exhibitors, visitors, and organizers of KIOGE 2011 Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference. Over the years, Kazakhstan has emerged as a key player in the oil and gas sector and KIOGE has acquired a prominent position as the main regional event in that sector.

French companies have earned a reserved recognition for their ability to tackle the daunting challenges of advanced offshore drilling and refining. There are ever more present in Kazakhstan, actively contributing to the development of the energy sector by providing investments, advanced technologies and know-how.

Since the official visit in Kazakhstan of President Nicolas Sarkozy in October 2009 and the visit of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to France in October 2010, which confirmed the rising interest of French companies in the economic development of Kazakhstan as well as in the cooperation between our countries, leading companies like Total, GDF-SUEZ have reached strategic agreements in this sector.

In 2011, UBIFRANCE, the French governmental Agency in charge of international trade promotion will be present in KIOGE for the seventh consecutive year and exhibit along with several strong and dedicated companies.

You are warmly welcome to visit them.
I would like to wish the organizers and their sponsors a very successful KIOGE 2011.

Jean-Charles Berthonnet
Ambassador of France to the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear friends, participants and visitors at KIOGE!

On behalf of the Kingdom of the Netherlands it is my great pleasure to address participants and guests of the 19th Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference KIOGE 2011.

The Netherlands and Kazakhstan could be proud of the scale of mutual cooperation, investments and trade. The Netherlands remains to be major investor into the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan. This is not by accident. The Netherlands has a lot to share. Thanks to the discovery of Groningen, the largest gas field in Europe in 1960s, the Netherlands accumulated significant experience managing the deposit and dealing with its engineering, exploration and production. I can see how beneficiary these technologies and solutions could be for Kazakhstani companies. Don’t forget Holland has the highest density of engineers in the world, many of them working worldwide.

The Dutch are known for their openness and efficiency. And our companies are not an exception, we are already active in the Caspian region and we have much more to offer. I am glad that Dutch companies are a step ahead in expanding their operations to the service industries. And they always make an extra effort to train Kazakh citizens so they could take over the work themselves in future. In this respect I like to mention that a few months ago I opened, together with the Akim of Mangistau oblast, the Maritime Training Centre, set up by Royal Dutch Wagenborg and co-sponsored by Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, which will support all off-shore operations at the Caspian.

I am pleased to see the dedication of Kazakhstani Government to foster industrial diversification of the country. There is progress done, but still a long way to go. Kazakhstan’s requirement to procure domestically and to hire local personnel would bring positive results in future only if implemented gradually. I also encourage businessmen to pay attention to the needs and qualification advancement of workers to maintain balance of interests and stability of operations in the industry.

I appreciate ITECA’s efforts in organizing KIOGE 2011, I believe it is a great platform for trade promotion for all countries interested in doing business in Kazakhstan and the whole Caspian region.

I hope KIOGE will bring its participants many creative ideas, fruitful contacts and possibly strategic partnerships between companies of Holland and Kazakhstan.

Frans Potuyt
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Dear participants and visitors at KIOGE 2011,

I am pleased and honored to join in welcoming you to this important event. The KIOGE conference and exhibition is a highly valued meeting place for representatives from the petroleum industry and governments from many parts of the world. Such meeting places are more important than ever as energy becomes increasingly important in international relations.

As petroleum producing countries Norway and Kazakhstan are facing many of the same challenges. Norway has been one of the world’s major producers of oil and gas for quite some time. Kazakhstan has made impressive progress in a short time as a sovereign country; much of the progress can be witnessed here at this convention.

KIOGE provides the opportunity to our companies to develop their cooperation in this important field for both countries. Norwegian companies have long realized the importance of KIOGE and have steadily participated at the event through the years. I trust that KIOGE will remain a meeting place where Norwegian and Kazakh counterparts will find common ground and opportunities that will be mutually beneficial.

Best regards,

Dag Malmer Halvorsen

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
of the Kingdom of Norway to the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome all exhibitors and guests to the 19th Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference - KIOGE 2011.

The 19th Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference - KIOGE 2011 is held in a year significant for Kazakhstan, the 20th anniversary of the country’s independence. In recent years, Kazakhstan has become a promising player in the oil and gas market. The growing number of KIOGE exhibitors from different countries, representatives from all areas of oil, oil processing, petrochemical and gas sectors demonstrates Kazakhstan’s influence on the world oil and gas markets. For the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of its strategic partners in the oil and gas industry, and participation of Russian companies at the exhibition manifests close historic links between Russia and Kazakhstan. Russian companies make the whole range of oil and gas equipment, and their participation in this international exhibition and conference provides an opportunity to enhance cooperation, learn about each other’s experience, establish new business links, strengthen and develop partnerships.

May all participants and guests of the exhibition and conference enjoy a successful work, new business contacts and partners, and great results!

Alexander Yakovlev
Trade Commissioner of the Russian Federation
in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to KIOGE 2011 on behalf of the Embassy of the United State of America.

Kazakhstan, with its vast hydrocarbon reserves, is positioned to play a leading role in supplying the world’s energy requirements. Thus is a challenging job that carries with it, immense responsibility. After all, the emerging global economy is bound intrinsically by energy supply and demand, witch affect prosperity, development, and security worldwide.

KIOGE serves as a platform for open dialogues and the exchange of ideas, precepts which advance resource development and ensure global energy security. It allows both Kazakhstan and the hundreds of companies investing or working here to share information, technology, and recent developments affecting the oil and gas sector. This, in turn, promotes rational, sustainable development of Kazakhstan’s resources, technology transfer, and economic diversification.

It is no coincidence that U.S. companies play such a vigorous role in Kazakhstan’s energy sector, and KIOGE offers a stage for these companies to display their state-of-the-art technology and knowhow, not to mention their abiding commitment to social responsibility and environmentally friendly processes. I am proud of the U.S. businesses and part they have played in the development of Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry.

I think it is telling that every U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan, including myself, has participated in KIOGE over its 19 year history. The Embassy looks forward to continuing this tradition, both now and in the future.

I with you all a successful conference and exhibition.


John M. Ordway
U.S. Ambassador (ret.)
Charge d’Affaires, a.i.

Dear guests and KIOGE participants,

On behalf of European Business Association of Kazakhstan, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 19th Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference, KIOGE. We hope that the exhibition will be a rewarding and useful experience for you.

The oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan plays a significant role in the country's industrial structure. KIOGE is one of the most important events in Kazakhstan for professionals in the oil & gas industry. Every year, the exhibition brings together leading manufacturers and distributors of oil & gas equipment, major plants and enterprises from Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign countries, and provides them with an opportunity to learn about latest developments in the industry. The conference, which takes place alongside the exhibition, will identify the needs of Kazakh businesses and areas for further development.

.. We have great confidence that partnership relations established during the exhibition, and the conference will be followed by new successful projects.

On behalf of European Business Association, we thank ITE Group PIc and their partner in Kazakhstan Iteca Ltd., for the contribution to relations between EU and Kazakhstan, and organising 19th KIOGE2011.

We wish success and fruitful partnership to all the participants!

Sincerely yours,

Tassos Sitsas
EUROBAK Chairman

Julie Kussidi
EUROBAK Executive Director

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the organisers of the 19th Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference KIOGE 2011 we would like to welcome all exhibitors and visitors of this event and express our sincere gratitude for the years-long cooperation!

KIOGE forum was launched as a special platform for exchanging experiences, tackling pressing problems faced by the oil and gas industry, and meetings of manufacturers, consumers and investors. It is a place where reputable investors and consumers of “socially sensitive” petroleum products share their views. Since its inception, KIOGE has proved itself as an efficient communication platform for the leading market stakeholders. Every year, hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of experts arrive to Almaty to participate in the event.

The main generalisation focus of 2011 is the 20th Anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This year was also marked by a few historical anniversaries in the oil and gas industry including the 100th anniversary of commencement of Dossor Oil Field development, the 50th anniversary of Mangystau oil production, and the 25th anniversary of Kumkol Oil Field discovery.

We extend our special appreciation to the Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, KazMunaiGas NC JSC, Almaty City Akimat, Diplomatic Missions of the exhibiting countries, sponsoring and exhibiting companies, and mass media representatives for their longstanding support and cooperation! Your participation makes KIOGE forum a relevant and demandable event in the oil and gas industry!

We sincerely hope that KIOGE will be an efficient business instrument and wish all exhibitors and visitors fruitful work and beneficial results!

KIOGE 2011 Organising Committee