Welcome Letters 2014

Ministry of Energy
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome the exhibitors and visitors of the 22nd Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition (KIOGE) 2014.

The international energy market has gone through a period of transformation in the last few years. However, Kazakhstan has retained its status of a reliable energy partner for many countries, in many ways as a result of a stable and coordinated energy policy.

Today, as before, the different sectors of the oil and gas industry remain as the leader in the attraction of investments. Major international consortia and companies are represented Kazakhstan, with growing cooperation on an inter-regional level.

It is a pleasure to note that major high quality international events such as KIOGE are taking place in Kazakhstan and facilitating the growth of the market, attraction of investments and the development of new technologies for the oil and gas industry. The event has become a meeting place for the most important industry professionals where current problems are discussed and solutions are found for the most important issues.

I believe that this edition of KIOGE will be very productive for all exhibitors and lay the foundation for a new stage of cooperation.

I wish everyone every success.

Vladimir Shkolnik
Minister of Energy
of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Exhibitors and Visitors of the 22nd Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Conference - KIOGE 2014
I would like to welcome you on behalf of KazMunayGas national company.

For a long time, KIOGE has had the status of a respected international platform for the discussion of issues in the development of the fuel and energy complex and for the demonstration of the most advanced technological solutions for the oil and gas sector. It is no accident that the exhibition and conference attracts chief executives and experts from more than five hundred oil and gas companies, financial institutions and scientific and public organisations from twenty countries every year.

The current situation and market trends around the world and in the Caspian region present a number of challenges for the oil and gas industry in terms of increasing the amount of surveying, raising the effectiveness of extraction, the provision of energy security and similar matters. I am sure, that this KIOGE forum, which always covers all of the trends in the industry, will continue to be a venue for productive discussions between oil industry professionals on these and other relevant subjects.

There is no doubt that the active exchange of information, as well as the presentation of the production and intellectual capabilities of state and private oil and gas companies at KIOGE will be very useful for the acceptance of effective industry solutions, establishment of new business contacts and the signing of mutually beneficial agreements.

I would like to assure you that KazMunayGas will continue with its provision of official support and its active participation in the KIOGE forum.

I wish you to have a productive time at this important event.
Chairman of the Board
KazMunayGas State JSC

Welcome to KIOGE 2014. I'm delighted that it is a British firm – ITE – which has been responsible for KIOGE's success over the last twenty-two years in which it has taken place.
I am sure that the formal sessions and the many informal meetings that will take place over the course of KIOGE will provide valuable opportunities to discuss the prospects and challenges for Kazakhstan's energy sector. Events such as KIOGE meet this important need, providing a platform for informed debate and the circulation of information.
Events such as KIOGE also facilitate the development of business links, which will help expand further Kazakhstan's capacity in this important sector. The UK has a real advantage here, with the reputation UK companies have gained for international excellence in oil and gas services. The United Kingdom has long been a partner of choice for Kazakhstan in the oil and gas sector since independence in 1991. Two UK companies are major shareholders in the Kashagan (Shell) and Karachaganak (BG Group) projects. In addition to this, there are over 100 UK small and medium size enterprises which are key suppliers in the oil services supply chain in Kazakhstan.
UK companies are increasingly providing oil and gas services by means of partnering with Kazakh companies in the form of joint ventures. This is something the UK government is actively encouraging. Next month in Manchester the UK government, in partnership with Shell and BG, will host the sixth in a series of events designed to bring together Kazakhstani firms with UK firms offering world-class expertise.
We look forward to continuing to work with Kazakhstani companies for many years to come.
I wish you all – organisers, participants and visitors – a successful KIOGE 2014.
H.E. Dr Carolyn Browne
Her Majesty's Ambassador

Canada and Kazakhstan are among the world’s leading energy producers We share similar climatic and geological conditions making us ideal partners in this sector.   Canadian companies are active worldwide throughout the entire value chain of the oil and gas sector: from exploration and production to transport and services.  Canada’s oil and gas industry operates in some of the most challenging and varied conditions on the globe: from sweltering heat to permafrost and offshore to frozen tundra. To meet and overcome these challenges Canadian companies continually develop new technologies and, as a result, Canada is recognized as a world leader in heavy oil production, sour oil and gas extraction, sulphur management, drilling, pipeline construction and security, associated gas utilization and overcoming harsh environments in the offshore sector.
These technologies, expertise and experience allow Canadian companies to actively cooperate with Kazakhstani companies in the oil and gas sector – the most dynamic sector in this country.  
Kazakhstan aims to become one of the world’s top ten energy suppliers and Canadian companies are keen to work together with Kazakhstani partners to help achieve this goal. Canada is proud to be an oil and gas partner of Kazakhstan and the Canadian Pavilion at KIOGE stands testament to Canada’s commitment to developing mutually beneficial cooperation with Kazakhstan in the oil and gas industry.
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my very best wishes for success to all exhibitors, participants and organizers of KIOGE 2014!
H.E. Shawn Steil
Ambassador of Canada to the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I am pleased and honoured to greetparticipants and guests of KIOGE 2014 Exhibition and Conference. Say the least, this is one of the 'must-to-be' fora for oil and gas professionals in the Caspian region.
Kazakhstan as a part of Caspian region remains to be a priority for the Netherlands' energy policy. The Netherlands sees Kazakhstan as a reliable partner in ensuring EU energy security. As such Dutch oil and gas service companies have been widely represented in Kazakhstan market for years. I hope the bilateral economic cooperation could be further enhanced. The Netherlands welcomes Kazakhstan's active position related to the Energy Charter provisions and hopes that fruitful dialogue planned for 27 November 2014 in Astana will contribute to the adoption of the final text of the updated International Energy Charter at a High-Level Conference in The Hague, the Netherlands, in Spring 2015.
Implementation of ambitious goals of Kazakhstan Government related to geological exploration and expansion of the hydrocarbon resource base could significantly benefit from Dutch expertise. Our oil and gas business receives a well-deserved credit for their specialization:drilling and production technology optimization, environmental security, waste water management and treatment, oil refining and petrochemical industry, geotechnical and geosciences services, to name a few.I would like to cease this opportunity and invite you to stop by the booths of Dutch companies and their local representatives to learn about cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions.
I often talk to business people and they keep repeating that the main challenge in doing business in Kazakhstan is to find good specialists. I trust that capacity building should be a priority, for the state, for industries, for individuals. I recently read an anecdote, which I would like to share:«CFO asks CEO: «What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?» CEO: «What happens if we don't, and they stay?». I would like to give a full credit to an anonymous author and to reiterate my standpoint that investments in human capital are never in vain.
Analysts say that oil and gas sector would remain to be a bread-earner for the whole country for at least another decade and it is the challenge of this young nation to ensure balanced and sustainable development for future generations. My Government trusts that promotion of corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles is the right way forward. As you know CSR covers a broad range of activities contributing to society's long-term prosperity by a cautious balance between Profit, People and Planet. CSR respects human rights, obeys international labour standards and bans forced labour, child labour, discrimination, and connects business with important issues of the society. CSR cares about environmental performance and careful management of natural resources, it promotes energy efficiency and waste recycling. CSR combats corruption and supports transparency in governments, in companies, and in non-governmental organizations.
I wish to thank ITECA for bringing together oil and gas specialists from all over the world and all the efforts to organize such an immense business match-making opportunity. I wish all companies and businessmen a constructive dialogue over the innovative solutions of evolving production challenges, long-term partnerships and mutually beneficial contracts!
Sincerely yours,
Hans Driesser
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

With all the heart I welcome the organizers and participants of today's event and congratulate on the opening of the Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference – KIOGE 2014.
KIOGE has established itself as a significant and important event in the international arena, as well as a unique platform for sharing experiences, ideas and technologies in the oil and gas sector. In 22nd time Kazakhstan receives the leading players of that industry from around the world, confirming its leading role in the field of extraction, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons.
Today, the Republic of Kazakhstan is a close ally of the Russian Federation and a partner in the Eurasian Economic Union. This cooperation is based on the principles of mutual benefit and equality that has beneficial effect on the economies of our countries and growth in prosperity of the nations.
The constant increase in number of exhibitors in KIOGE both from the Russian Federation, and from many other countries points to the growing interest of the business world to the potential of Kazakhstan economy and the possibilities which are opened when cooperating with it.
I wish all the participants and organizers of the Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference – KIOGE 2014 fruitful work and success in acquiring new contacts and business partners.
M. Bocharnikov
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
I am very pleased to welcome you to KIOGE 2014 on behalf of the Austrian Embassy in Astana.
Kazakhstan is becoming an ever stronger economy and ties with Austria have developed fast over the last 10 years. The rising number of exhibitors and visitors at KIOGE is indicative of the mounting influence of Kazakhstan on the world oil and gas markets and the country's growing success in developing local expertise, technologies and productions for the oil and gas industry.
I therefore appreciate that for a first time a large Austrian business delegation is visiting KIOGE and leading Austrian entrepreneurs get the opportunity to present themselves on such a recognized global stage. Please pay a visit to the presentation of Austrian experts at KIOGE – your time will be well spent.
Austria itself does not dispose of large oil resources, still Austria's national oil and gas company is a major regional player and there are a number of highly specialized suppliers of equipment, technologies and services for the oil & gas industry. Partners and clients from the North Sea to the Arabian Gulf appreciate the high quality, innovative technologies and reliability in long-term business relations which Austrian companies offer.
I hope that KIOGE will help joint Austrian-Kazakh business to grow and wish all participants and visitors a successful exhibition and conference.
Sincerely yours,
Wolfgang Bányai
Ambassador of Austria in the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear ladies and gentleman,
On behalf of the Kingdom of Spain, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference KIOGE 2014.
The oil and gas sector plays a key role for the development of Kazakhstan. In this context, KIOGE represents a unique platform providing visitors, exhibitors and experts all over the world the opportunity to share experiences and information in this regard.
Spain strongly supports Kazakhstan as a prosperous geostrategic and dynamic nation with a huge potential to become one of the most developed nations in 2050. In that sense, I commend the efforts made by the Government of Kazakhstan to implement new programs focused on the modernization and diversification of the economy and production model in which renewable energy plays an important role.
I would like to note with great satisfaction the continuous development of the relationship between Kazakhstan and Spain in the energy sector, catalyzed by the increasing interest of Spanish companies, world leaders in renewable energy, to cooperate in this wonderful country. Our planet is facing many challenges. Spain has given ample proof that it wants to become a true partner for Kazakhstan and to actively contribute to the implementation of measures and programs to develop the concept of "Green Economy".
I would like to congratulate ITECA for the organization of this important event, a great forum for trade relations between countries interested in doing business in Kazakhstan and the Caspian region.
I sincerely hope that KIOGE 2014 will be successful and productive for all participants and organizers.
Manuel Larrotcha
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain